Sunshine State

Last week, I took a red-eye flight for a quick trip down to Tampa, Florida for work. My company is somewhat unique in that they have a lot of employees that work for them virtually, however, they also have a large office as well. Since starting with the company almost two years ago, I had yet to go down to the corporate office and so this trip was something I had been looking forward to for awhile.

If you are a blogger and have ever met another blogger in person, you know that despite having never met them before it feels like you instantly connect when you finally see each other “in real life.” That’s exactly how it was with meeting my coworkers this weekend; obviously we email and talk constantly throughout the week, but when we finally met this weekend everyone “clicked” and I felt like I had known them for years! Overall, the weekend was such a great time and I really enjoyed my mini vacation! I didn’t actually take any photos with my camera while I was in Florida, but I though I’d share some of the Instagrams I snapped during the trip…

Trying to catch my connection in Houson
Pretty palm trees at the hotel
Heading to my corporate office on the first day
Cocktail hour with the girls on my team

Friday night, there was a nice dinner event…and I kind of felt like I was at a wedding, ha!
It was so great finally meeting all these people I talk to on a daily basis!
The photo booth at Friday’s dinner was a big hit!
I really enjoyed the girls on my team–hopefully we’ll get to meet up again soon!
Saturday morning, some of us went out for brunch at this Florida State bar which was totally packed
I work with some really fun people! 
Late night eats in downtown Tampa
It was super hot and humid in Florida, so I was glad to get a little time by the pool!

It’s funny because being that so many people that work for my company had never met each other before, everyone was just going off of how everyone looks in their Facebook pictures…and let’s just say that some people looked quite different in person! But everyone seemed to recognize me right away and kept saying that I looked exactly how I do in all my photos…pretty sure the underlying message is that I post a lot of photos of myself, ha! Also, I had a lot of people tell me that they follow me on Instagram and love seeing all the food I eat all the time…what can I say, I love social media! #oversharer
I know that some of you may be curious about the “My Day Job” tab on my nav bar and I’m happy to report that it’s finally finished! I figured since this post was work-related, it would be a great time to finally get that page up and running. The reason behind it is that I do some writing for my company blog as well as other career-related sites around the web, and I figured that it was a good idea to have a link here on my personal blog to those pieces, along with providing some explanation to people who may be coming across my blog from those sources. Feel free to check it out