My Birthday // Christmas Wishlist

Happy Monday and Happy November (a few days late) everyone!

This weekend was another relaxing one at home here in Portland. Cameron and I didn’t have any big plans, which was really nice! We slept in (loved getting an “extra” hour yesterday!), we went out to eat, we cheered for our Wolverines (even though the game against MSU was super depressing), and just enjoyed the cool, rainy weather. I realize the novelty of damp, gray Oregon days will probably wear off pretty quickly once we get into the winter months, however, for now I’m enjoying it since it’s a good excuse to get coffee and catch up on errands that we avoided doing during the gorgeous fall weather last month! We actually accomplished a few of the remaining items on my to-do list yesterday (yay!) and so hopefully I’ll have time to share some photos of our apartment later this week!

However, now that we’re into November I thought it would be a perfect time to share some of the things on my birthday/Christmas wishlist this year. Many of the stores Cameron and I popped into this weekend had their Christmas decorations out in full force, and last week I noticed some bloggers are already starting to share holiday gift guides. My birthday is less than a month away (Dec 1) so I figured today was as good a time as any to share some of the items I’ve got my eye on…

Birthday Christmas Wishlist

Here’s a quick rundown, broken down by category:

I have been obsessed with watching makeup tutorials on YouTube the past couple of months and as a result there a couple of brushes I’d love to add to my collection: the Nars Ita brush and then a few from Sigma, specifically the F80 and the E40. I have been super lazy about ever doing much to my hair beyond straightening it lately (and by lately, I mean since graduating from college…ha!) and so I’d love to get a Nume wand and curl it more often. (FYI, Jaclyn Hill has discounts for both Nume and Sigma on her channel!) And then I saw this gray beige nail polish from the new Marc Jacobs line at Sephora and thought it was so pretty, and the color has my name on it. Literally, it’s called Baby Jane 🙂

I have been getting back into yoga lately now that we’re in Portland, and I have been eyeing this black mat for ages. I love taking hot yoga classes and would love one of these towels because they are so helpful in a sweaty class! And then obviously Lululemon, because I love their stuff but have a hard time justifying buying it for myself. I was fortunate enough to get giftcards to Lululemon from both my parents and my in-laws for my birthday last year and bough a few pieces; I’ve literally worn/washed everything I bought about 100 times and it all still looks brand-new almost a year later! However, I mainly have crop pants/tanks, so now since I walk to the yoga studio and the weather’s cooling down I’d like to get a pair of the Wunder Under pants and a long sleeve shirt, like this one.

I have been eyeing a longer black raincoat like this one for awhile now, and I feel like it’s kind of a necessity for Portland, especially heading into the winter months. I also really love wearing vests in the winter and think this one from J.Crew is super cute. Lately, I often find myself sticking my credit cards/license in my coat pocket if I end up running errands and don’t want to bring my purse since my current wallet is massive. A small, slim wallet like this pink one from Kate Spade would be perfect!

Pendleton blankets are such a classic Oregon item, and they’re the sort of thing that you can literally have for years and years. I’d love one for the foot of our bed here in the apartment, as I know it’s the type of thing I’ll end up using down the road as well. They have so many gorgeous patterns, but I’m a huge fan of anything with gray, like this one. And then I’m really not loving my Android phone right now, so I’d love to make the switch to an IPhone and would totally take either the 5s or the 5c 🙂 I always loving getting gift cards during the holidays and Lululemon, Nordstrom, and Sephora are probably my top three favorites. Finally, Cameron and I put up a mini gallery wall in the apartment recently, and I’m still in need to some additional prints to complete it–I absolutely adore this one!

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This year I really am not too focused on presents when it comes to my birthday/Christmas. Being able to spend time with family is what’s truly important to me, and I am looking forward to spending my birthday in Michigan! And then I am SO excited to spend Christmas with Cameron in Thailand, that trip is definitely our gift to each other this year! However, I love seeing these kind of birthday/holiday wishlist posts from other bloggers, so it was definitely fun for me to share!

(And if you want to send me any of the stuff on this list, I wouldn’t be mad…ha!)

Have a fabulous week everyone, hopefully the time change doesn’t throw us all off too much!