Valentine’s Day Love

Happy Monday everyone!
This weekend was very relaxing but went by way too fast. I feel like I’ve been blowing up Instagram the past few days, but I just can’t help it, it was a great Valentine’s weekend! I didn’t pull out our “real” camera at all this weekend, so I thought I’d go ahead and share my cell phone snaps. If you follow me on IG you’ve probably seen some of these, but there are a few new ones in there too 🙂

Friday at lunch, Cam and I met for cupcakes from Saint Cupcake’s special Valentine’s day pop-up shop; their cupcakes were my favorites in Portland and I was super sad when they closed. (You can still get their cupcakes at Sprinklefingers sometimes though!) Cam surprised me with two dozen pink roses (one of my favorite flowers!) and it was a great way to start off the weekend.
I couldn’t resist giving myself a festive mani for V-day…I love Essie colors!
Since we got a box of six cupcakes…obviously, they had to get eaten. 
And Lola wanted in on the action…ha. She’s always watching.
We always do cards for Valentine’s Day…Cam got me a good one this year 🙂
We didn’t get any pictures together on Valentine’s Day (whoops!) but I did have Cam take one of me before we headed out for a late dinner (because I needed an outfit pic, duh). I didn’t go with red or pink, but I really love this dress, which is compliments of my sister – seriously, so much of my stuff is from her closet, ha! Also, don’t mind the messy apartment and weird lighting in our kitchen 🙂
We had dinner at Lincoln and it was really nice! It was our first time trying the restaurant, and overall I liked the vibe. However, I do think I’d have to go back again on a normal night to really be a fair judge of their food since they had a prix fixe menu for Valentine’s Day.
 Saturday was pretty low-key; we spent some time with Cam’s family and enjoyed the Portland rain!
Yesterday, we headed out to Timberline to ski on Mt. Hood. I haven’t skied since we left Tahoe, so it was fun to get out on the slopes again. I’m definitely out of practice (and ski shape!) but it felt good to get in some runs, especially since we’ve got a trip to Park City coming up in a few weeks!
Snow conditions on the mountain were pretty good, but it was snowing/freezing raining at the top of some of the runs which made visibility a little limited. A few of the chairlifts were closed for part of the morning, so that made for some super long (and annoying) lift lines! We still had fun though!
After skiing, we spent some time warming up at Timberline Lodge; it’s a historic building that really charming inside right on Mt. Hood – it’s totally worth a visit if you’re ever in Oregon!
My feet were freezing after skiing, so it was nice to warm up with some hot cocoa!
Finally, we spent last night relaxing at home watching Downton Abbey (I’m sad there is only one more episode left this season, I feel like it’s just getting good!) and House of Cards (Netflix makes binge watching shows so addictive and easy to do by releasing all the episodes at once!). I also convinced Cam to order some Domino’s pizza as it’s totally one of my guilty pleasures – it’s one of those foods that’s actually kind of gross but sometimes I just get in the mood for it. I’d put it in the same category as Lucky Charms and Kraft mac & cheese…so bad, but so good. Ha.
What about you – how was your Valentine’s weekend? Is anyone watching House of Cards? What is one of your favorite guilty pleasure foods? (Make me feel better for admitting three of mine, ha!)