Since moving to Portland, I’ve been fortunate to connect with a bunch of awesome ladies through blogging and have built some fantastic real-life friendships. Rachel and I met late last year and I’ve enjoyed getting to know her through bumping into each other at various events. At the LGP Food Crawl back in February, we started talking about our mutual obsession love of beauty products, and it’s definitely something we’ve bonded over the past few months. We’re both big nail polish junkies and every time we’d see each other, we’d inevitably have different colors of nail polish on. A few weeks ago, we were randomly talking about how much we love doing our nails and I thought, wouldn’t it would be fun if we got a bunch of people people together to just do nails and hang out?

The idea for Beauty Brunch PDX was born!

Seriously, I love any excuse to have a party and this seemed like the perfect low-key way to bring a bunch of my favorite ladies together! Rachel and I decided we would co-host and she was nice enough to offer to have the brunch at her (lovely) place. We each invited a few different bloggers here in the Portland area and started planning!
This Saturday, we had beautiful spring-y weather and it was a perfect day to get together with friends and celebrate the season. (I decided to rock the pink pants!) I came over early to help get things set up for the event…but secretly I just wanted to play with her cat, Winston.

 I am not a cat person at all, but Winston is seriously so stinkin’ cute! Plus, she (yes, it’s a girl) is a really friendly and playful cat who is the tiniest little piece of fluff ever.


 We wanted the brunch to be fun and feminine and nothing says that better than sweets & mimosas!

 Meredith also made a delicious casserole and you can find her recipe here.

 Rachel ordered some cupcakes from a friend who is starting a business and they were fantastic!

 And of course, since this was an event full of bloggers lots of photos were taken! Everyone was taking pictures of the food and flowers, along with snapping photos of sweet Winston 🙂
Photo c/o Ladies in Navy
 We set up a manicure area in the family room for people to do their nails…
 …and Rachel and I had more than enough nail polish for everyone, ha!
 Winston wanted to help me set up 🙂

We had plenty of sweets and candy 🙂
So glad my friend Kelsey could attend! (Photo c/o Ladies in Navy)
Clearly in my happy place 🙂 (Photo c/o Ladies in Navy)
Photo c/o Ladies in Navy
This event was made possible in part by the generosity of some fabulous Portland businesses that graciously provided some things to make the day extra special!


 Something Borrowed is a really cool event rental company here in Portland that has gorgeous vintage pieces that would be perfect for a wedding or a variety off other events. They provided some vintage beautiful china, glassware, and silver that was absolutely perfect and really set the tone for the event. As for food, both Pearl Bakery and Little T Baker kindly provided some decadent baked goods and pastries that were insanely good!

The wonderful group of ladies spent the morning chatting and enjoying the delicious eats, but eventually decided to head over to the manicure table and do their nails!
Photo c/o Ladies in Navy
Photo c/o Ladies in Navy

We didn’t end up getting a group photo before a few people had to leave, but this is part of the group of bloggers who attended the brunch! 
(From left to right) 
Bee, Meredith, Rachel, Kelsey, yours truly, Erin, Chloe, and Brooke 🙂

 Everyone laughing at silly Winston 🙂

The event turned out great and I’m so glad that Rachel and I decided to do it! Because this was just a random idea that planned sort of spur of the moment, we had to keep things kind of small and weren’t able  to invite everyone we would of liked as we were a little limited on space…this was just a beta blogger beauty brunch if you will, ha. However, I know there are probably other ladies in PDX who would be interested in doing something like this in the future, and so we would definitely love to do another relaxed get together like this again soon. If it’s something you’d be interested in, let me know!