Outdoor Adventures // Red Rock Canyon

Happy Wednesday everyone, we’re halfway through the week!
(Gotta love a short week after a holiday weekend, right?)

So I promise, these are the last of the photos from our camping trip earlier this month as I realize the last week or so has been nature photo overload. However, I just couldn’t let May end without sharing them! After spending the weekend camping in Zion National Park and visiting Bryce Canyon National Park, we headed back to Las Vegas to fly home. However, we had heard really good things about Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, which is located only 17 miles from the Vegas Strip, and since we had a late flight we decided to check it out before heading home.

Red Rock Canyon is a really beautiful area that definitely has some of the same feel as Zion or Bryce. It’s not quite as breathtaking or dramatic, but given the proximity to Vegas it’s definitely worth exploring, especially if you don’t have time to drive to the National Parks in Utah. Red Rock Canyon is also really well designed for people who are not active/outdoorsy, as I think they get a lot of visitors from Vegas who just want to see it without getting out of their car. There is a 13 mile scenic drive through the park that allows you to see all sorts of beautiful rock formations, and then there are stops along with way where you can get out and take photos or go hiking if you want. We ended up doing a short hike (I think it was around 3 miles?) that gave us a great view of the Strip, and it was the perfect way to stretch our legs before the plane ride back to Portland.

Here are some photos from our day at Red Rock Canyon, if you’d like to see…

There are lots of educational exhibits at the visitors’ center to help you learn more about the area.
There are also lots of desert tortoises in the area, very cool to see!
At the end of our hike!
The view of the strip of in the distance…

If you’re visiting Las Vegas, I’d highly recommend taking a quick visit to Red Rock Canyon! It’s only 20 minutes from the strip and it really offers a great glimpse into the Southwest’s beautiful desert landscape. I’m really glad we decided to check it out!