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Last week, I shared some of my favorite makeup items that are more high-end aka the stuff I buy (and love!) from Sephora/the department store. So I thought it was only fitting that I follow up that post with one on my favorite products from the drugstore!
Buying makeup from the drugstore can be really hit or miss; there are some things I’ve tried and hated, but then there are lots of things I’ve tried and loved too! I have so many drugstore products that I use on a regular basis, and there are lots of products that I think are equal (or sometimes even better!) quality than their high-end counter parts. My favorite things about buying makeup from the drugstore is the accessibility and the fact that their not a huge investment. If I make a trip to Sephora, it’s because I specifically have a product I want to buy and it’s usually because I’ve done a fair amount of research, but it means I have to make a special trip there. With drugstore makeup, it’s so easy to just pick up spur of the moment when I go to Target or CVS for other household items. Plus, because it’s so cheap, it means that I am more likely to experiment with new products/colors, so that’s always fun!
I’ve tried a lot of drugstore makeup over the years, but I’ve rounded up the things that I consider standouts. These are the items I use on a regular basis and would personally recommend…
Drugstore Beauty
(From top to bottom, left to right)
I’m not typically a huge fan of drugstore eye shadows, but after hearing about this shadow on YouTube, I decided to give it a try. It’s super smooth, pigmented, and applies really well.
The creamy concealer goes on well, the color blends nicely, and the texture/finish is natural. It’s great for blemishes and often I’ll just use this without foundation on a ‘no-makeup’ day.
I have a bunch of these, and have posted about them before. The smell delicious, they’re really smooth and creamy, and come in a bunch of pretty colors!
I actually just recently bought this foundation after hearing so many people rave about it on YouTube, but it’s already a favorite. There are ton of different colors to choose from, and I really like how it provides really great coverage but the finish is still very natural.
I have a couple of these balm/lip gloss hybrids, and I love how they’re moisturizing but not sticky like some lip glosses. They’re also more sheer so they’re great to apply on the go.
Milani is a brand that’s not as widely available, but this blush is definitely worth seeking out! I had heard so many good things about this Luminoso blush on YouTube (aka where I get most of my recommendations!) and I heard it was really similar to Nars popular ‘Orgasm’ blush (which I also have). I personally don’t think it’s a dupe for Orgasm because this is more of a true straight peach with a very fine shimmer, whereas the Nars blush has a lot more pink with a chunkier shimmer. I personally like Luminoso better and I think it’s such a gorgeous blush. It’s a beautiful color that’s wearable all year long, the texture is really finely milled, and it’s super pigmented. 
This stuff is very full coverage, but it does last for a long time on the skin. It is somewhat thick and heavy so I don’t love it for the summer, but if you’re having a day where your skin isn’t looking so hot and you really want the coverage, this is what you need!
Unfortunately this stuff doesn’t truly keep shine at bay all day as I have pretty oily skin, but what I really like is that it’s not pigmented, and so it’s great for touch-ups. It’s frustrating to use a powder with a lot of pigment when you have oily skin that tends to oxidize foundation (meaning as your skin gets more oily, it makes your foundation appear darker throughout the day) because it feels like you’re just adding even more pigment to your face, which can look really cakey. This powder is colorless and very natural looking!
At first when I tried this stuff, I didn’t really care for it. It has a natural brush, and I typically prefer silicone bristles because I think it’s less clumpy. However, after revisiting this mascara a few weeks after I opened it, I realized that it’s actually awesome and I think the formula just needed a little time to dry out. It’s super black and you can really build it up on your lashes.
I actually just bought this nail polish, but I’m already in love with the formula. I posted a photo to Instagram yesterday raving about it, and I’m just super impressed thus far! These ColorStay Gel Envy polishes + top coat just came out very recently, but there is a great color selection. I loved the wide brush, the color I tried was extremely opaque, and it went on so smoothly. The top coat made my nails super shiny, and I love that it’s not actually gel polish so it doesn’t require curing under a light. In addition to the top coat, I bought Wild Card (which is a really vibrant indigo blue that I’m in love with) and Pocket Aces (a bright coral red).
This is my favorite mascara of life, hands down. I like it better than the high end ones I’ve tried (it’s wayyy better than Benefit’s They’re Real IMO) and just think it’s the best all around mascara out there. It has a silicone brush that provides awesome separation and you can really build it up, but one coat provides a lot of impact. It thickens, lengthens, volumizes, and makes your lashes look huge! It doesn’t budge all day (and it’s actually a little hard to get off…) so try it if you’re in the market for a new mascara!
This stuff is really great for under the eyes, and it’s also nice for highlighting other areas of the face. It blends well and has a nice creamy consistency.
I’ve already written a whole post about how much I love these, so check that out for more details but basically Honey is my go-to everyday lip product (which is not the color pictured, just FYI). It’s a really gorgeous color, it lasts a long time, yet doesn’t dry out my lips. I love the other Balm Stains/Matte/Lacquer Balms too, but this one is my fav.
Liquid liner is something I wear pretty infrequently so it’s not a product I’d want to spend much on. This Maybelline liner does the job well, and the short handle gives you more control when you’re trying to perfect your cat eye!
I’m not typically a huge fan of cream eye shadows myself, but these go on well and last a long time. They make a great base for powder shadows as well!
I have pretty thick brows to begin with so I don’t typically fill them in, but every now and then I like to shape them up a little and I think a brow powder is the most natural looking way to do that. However, it’s tough for me to find a color that’s a match, especially at the drugstore. This brow powder isn’t too red or too dark, and it applies really well!
This stuff is not your typical foundation as it has a very thin consistency, so it takes a little getting used to. It’s provides more of a medium coverage with a very natural finish and it’s very lightweight, and I personally like it a lot. If you’re someone that doesn’t want a heavy foundation, but still wants more coverage than say, a tinted moisturizer, this is for you!
And just like last week, this is NOT a sponsored post (although if companies wanted to start sending me free makeup, I wouldn’t be mad…) and doesn’t even contain affiliate links. I really just wanted to share some of the makeup that I love, so hopefully you’ll find these recommendations helpful next time you’re at the drugstore! And as always, I love trying new products, so if there are any beauty items YOU love that should be on my radar, let me know!