Bumpdate // 27-29 Weeks


 How far along:
29 Weeks, 6 days – so 30 weeks tomorrow!

Baby’s size:
Approx. 2.5 pounds, which they say is the size of a butternut squash…

Weight gain: 
At my 29 week appointment last week, I had gained 16 pounds from my recorded starting weight, and so that’s about 19 pounds from my average pre-pregnancy weight – I’ll take it!
Gender: Boy oh boy!

Yes, lots of it! It hasn’t been painful where I feel like the baby is kicking me in the ribs or anything, and I’m guessing that’s because I’m tall and he has a little more room to spread out.
Food cravings: 
Nutella and pretzels, thanks to buying two giant containers at Costco. Oh and ice cream, but I’m not counting that as a pregnancy craving and chalking it up to the fact it’s been so hot!

Anything making you queasy or sick:
Nope! I think I’m going to take this question off for next time because it really hasn’t been an issue.

Not the best…but somewhat due to my own fault. Cameron has had to travel for work and when he’s gone, I’m so bad about letting myself fall asleep on the couch, only to wake up halfway through the night and eventually get in bed…it’s really not pretty or healthy.
Miss anything?
Not drinking at Feast this past weekend was a little tough, but not too bad since the awesome food made up for it! I’ve also been missing my husband since he’s been traveling more the past few weeks. As fun as our busy September has been, I’m definitely looking forward to getting into October where we’ll (hopefully) both be at home and much less busy until the baby comes.

Still just walking a lot and doing prenatal yoga!

Maternity Clothes?
Yep, pretty much all I’m wearing, with the exception of my regular workout clothes which I still wear a lot of the time. I ordered a few new maternity pieces from Old Navy, Asos, and Gap that I’ve liked and so I’ll definitely be doing a post later this fall about my maternity wardrobe!

The skin on my stomach has been super itchy lately, which is weird. I don’t think it’s related to my lotion which I’ve been using the whole second trimester, because it happens even when I don’t use it. It’s not too bothersome though and it kind of comes and goes.
Overall, really good! Despite both of us being pretty stubborn, Cameron and I generally get along really well…but I feel like the past couple weeks things have been even better if that’s possible? I think we’re both just starting to feel this sense of nostalgia for how nice it’s been the past five years with just the two of us and we’re really just cherishing how much we enjoy spending time together. Granted, that’s not to say I still don’t have my moments where I freak out about something small or burst into tears because he doesn’t like the same crib skirt that I do…ha. (I wish that were a joke…) But overall, things have been pretty great. It’s just very surreal to look at the calendar and realize how little time we have before the baby gets here!

Best moment from weeks 27-29:
My sister-in-law had her baby earlier this month, and seeing our nephew right after he was born was so amazing! It definitely made it the fact that we’re having a baby so much more real; it’s just crazy to me that we’ll have our own little newborn here in just a few short months! Going to the beach and passing my glucose test were some other high points from the past few weeks.

Looking forward to: 
My baby shower in Michigan on Sunday!!
I have been looking forward to this for a long time, and I can’t believe it’s finally here! It’s going to be so much fun to celebrate baby Graybeal with family and friends, and I’m really excited! I also haven’t seen my parents since Memorial Day and so I’m looking forward to seeing them (along with my sister who is flying in from New York for the shower) and enjoying my last trip to Michigan before the baby comes. Plus, it’s been really warm in Oregon this month, and so I’m also excited to go to Michigan and actually have it feel like fall. I can’t wait to go to the cider mill and indulge my pregnant lady cravings with some cinnamon sugar donuts and caramel apples!