Bumpdate // 39-40 Weeks

Happy Friday everyone! 

We are still on baby watch so I figured that I’d go ahead and post what will (hopefully!) be my last bumpdate! Throughout my pregnancy, I’ve typically posted these updates when I’m at the end of a given week, but now that my due date has come and gone I wanted to get this one up ASAP!

This H&M tunic (which is actually non-maternity!) has definitely been my most worn item during the end of my pregnancy and so I’m really glad I got a picture in it!
The weather was really rainy yesterday so we weren’t able to take pictures outside, hence the horrible lighting in these last photos. I feel like I look massive here, but figured that it was fitting to take my last official bumpdate photo on my due date in my “LIFE IS BETTER WITH A BUMP” shirt 🙂

How far along:  
40 Weeks + 1 day 🙂

Baby’s size: 
Cameron and I are both guessing that baby boy will be around 9lbs for weight and 23 inches for length. Our midwife said she thinks he’s really long for sure, and Cam and I were both big babies (I was 9 1/2 lbs and he was almost 11lbs!) but we’ll obviously find out soon enough!

Weight gain: 
I wasn’t necessarily planning on sharing this info throughout my pregnancy, but I figured that I have up to this point so what’s one more week? At my 40 week appointment yesterday, I was up about 40 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight (and 37 lbs from my recorded starting weight). Honestly, this was a little more than I had hoped to gain at the beginning of my pregnancy, but I know that Thanksgiving most likely had something to do with it! But at the end of the day though, it’s not something I’m hung up on at all. My midwife has been happy with my weight gain, I’ve had a really fantastic pregnancy where I’ve felt great, and as long as our baby is healthy, that’s all I care about!
He’d better be a baby boy because he has a whole closet full of cute boy clothes waiting for him! 😉

Movement/Labor Signs:
He’s still moving around but I can tell he doesn’t have much space left in there at this point. Everyone has been asking me if I’ve been having those Braxton Hicks contractions, and while I’ve definitely been having some, it’s more or less just feeling sort of crampy here and there vs. super noticeable contractions. However, whatever is happening must be working because at my 40 week appointment yesterday the midwife said I was 3cms dilated already and 80% effaced! She did sweep my membranes and said that his head is super low so she would expect him to come any time now!
Food cravings: 
If you saw this picture on my Instagram, then you know my chocolate peppermint cravings have been out of control! Although, I don’t even really know if that’s pregnancyrelated or more just due to the fact that I’m a sucker for seasonal foods 🙂
Not good…I‘ve definitely been having that late night energy which makes it hard for me to turn my brain off and go to bed! Plus, I‘ve been having some unpleasant symptoms that have been keeping me up as well…but the nice thing about being on maternity leave is that I can sleep in if I want!

Miss anything?
At this point, it’s honestly a little weird to think about not being pregnant! I’ve been pregnant for the majority of 2014 and I feel like every decision I’ve made has been from that perspective. It’s going to be weird to transition back to not being pregnant any more…but I am starting to miss wearing/shopping for normal clothes, so I’m excited for that. I also miss working out so I’m looking forward to getting back on track with that as well in the new year!

 Shopping with my mom 🙂

Maternity Clothes?
 All day, errrday! (With the exception of a few pieces…)
You can see all my favorite maternity pieces here!

I’ve definitely been experiencing some Intense acid reflux at night, so bad that it even woke me up out of a sound sleep one night! I’ve also had some diarrhea (sorry to be gross) which supposedly can be a sign that you’re getting ready to go into labor…but I’ve also been eating lots of rich foods lately, so I‘m thinking that might be the culprit? Finally, I’ve had the worst dry hands ever! My hands normally get super dry in the winter and will occasionally get so bad that they’ll be red/cracked/bleeding, but usually that’s only if it’s super cold out and I haven’t been wearing gloves. However, since I’m at a point in my pregnancy where I’m going to the bathroom a million times a day, I’m also washing my hands a ton. Even though I’m using moisturizing hand soap and lotion, they’re still painfully dry from washing them so much!
Honestly, at this time last week I was not ready for him come – I felt like there was still so much I had to do! But it’s been great to have the past few days to get the nursery totally finished (finally! I’ll hopefully be sharing those photos soon…) and go shopping with my mom to get some last minute things on my list. Now, we have the car seat ready, where he’ll be sleeping in our room is all set up, the house is clean, the tree is up, and our hospital bags are packed…I am finally feeling ready for him to come which is exciting!

Best moment from weeks 39-40:
Spending time with my family!

Looking forward to:
Having a baby…duh 🙂
Seriously though, I really can’t wait to see him for the first time! Cameron and I both have spent so much time wondering what he’ll look like and so we couldn’t be more excited to finally hold him soon!
I am hoping to get a post or two scheduled for next week (including his nursery tour!) but other than that, I’ll likely be taking some time away from the computer after this post! I will be announcing when baby boy makes his debut at some point, however, I’ll probably share something on Instagram before doing any sort of post. (So be sure you’re following me at @inthepinkandgreen!)
And last but not least, there’s no way I could share my final bumpdate without giving a special shoutout to the person that’s made these posts possible…
This guy.
(He was doing a test shot for me yesterday…hehe)
Although it’s definitely not his favorite activity, Cameron has been a really good sport about taking my weekly bump photos 🙂 I can’t believe this pregnancy journey is coming to an endit’s been so fun to document the past 9 months and share it with all of you, so thanks for following along!