In PDX // Mother’s Day + Pitch Dark Chocolate

Happy May everyone! I really can’t believe how fast this year is flying by…
Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and I’ll admit, I’m particularly excited to celebrate this year since it’s my first one as a mom! And although I may only be less than five months into this motherhood gig, I feel like I’m pretty qualified to serve as an authority on what makes a good gift. 

When it comes to celebrating the special mothers in your life (or if you husband needs a hint) may I suggest chocolate? And not just any chocolate…Pitch Dark Chocolate!
I recently had the opportunity to connect with this fantastic local company to find out more about how they produce their chocolate. From bean to bar, everything is handcrafted here in Portland, resulting in an extremely high-quality product. They use beans from a wide variety of regions to produce their chocolate and this attention to detail with their ingredients gives each bar it’s own unique flavor profile. Like wine, chocolate can have such a wide spectrum of flavors depending on where the beans are from, so if you stop into their retail location in NE Portland, they’ll let you sample of their different bars. This really showcases the subtlety of each bar and I personally think it’s really interesting to see just how different the chocolates can taste depending on where the beans come from.
Pitch Dark also has some special bars that feature collaborations with other local Portland brands like Jacobsen Salt and Jasmine Pearl Tea Co, which I think is really cool. These bars really seem like a little piece of Portland, so they’d make the perfect gift for a mother that’s local or someone out of town.
In addition to their delicious chocolate bars, they also produce amazing chocolate truffles. I was incredibly impressed by the amount of work that goes into making each of these handcrafted truffles, they’re truly a work of art! They have various size boxes available, and you can pre-order a box with the truffles of your choice on their website for Mother’s Day here.
They have some really decadent flavors like Oregon Raspberry Ganache and Salted Caramel, and I can honestly say that every flavor I tried (which was all of them…ha!) was really delicious. And what mom wouldn’t love a sweet card and a beautiful box of chocolate truffles?
One of the things I love about being a blogger in a city like Portland is that it’s allowed me to connect with so many creative people who are pursuing their passions. The lovely folks at Pitch Dark are doing really great things with chocolate, and I think that’s awesome. It makes me happy to use my little space here on the internet to get the word about their delicious products, plus I know sometimes it can be tough to come up with gift ideas so this seemed like the perfect opportunity 🙂
Now make your mom happy and place your Pitch Dark order today! Trust me, she’ll love it 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!
PS: I’m linking up with Steph, Cait, and Laura for their weekly ‘Can’t Live Without It’ linkup since chocolate is definitely something that I wouldn’t want to live without! 🙂