Baby // 6-9 Month Favorites

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope everyone had a fantastic long weekend 🙂 We had a serious taste of fall weather-wise this weekend here in Portland, but it looks like summer is returning this week. My sister and brother-in-law were visiting from New York and we had a great time together, despite the cool temps and clouds. (You can catch up on Instagram for more!)
But even though the long weekend is over, today is pretty special. Not only is it officially PSL season (which honestly, I don’t really even like them, I’m just super excited for fall) but Henry is also 9 months old today…what the what?! It’s starting to majorly freak me out how close to a year he is getting, but he’s also at such a sweet and FUN age that I really look forward to each new day with him. I’ll be sharing his 9 month update later this week, but for now, I wanted to go ahead and share a few of our favorite baby things from the past few months…
6-9 Month Baby Gear Favorites
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Now that Henry is eating solids regularly, his diapers are definitely…much more offensive to the senses and we need something heavy duty to keep that stink at bay. I love that this diaper pail uses regular trash bags and it’s actually kind of cute? (Well, we got gray because we’re boring like that, but there are lots of fun colors!) It does smell when you open up the slot to put the diaper in, but other than that, it really does a good job of keeping the odor contained.
Henry has plenty of toys he likes to play with, but this one from Target is a favorite. I also love that it’s a little different than the traditional primary color stacking toy you usually find.
Henry first tried this out at a friend’s house earlier this summer and he loved it so much that I immediately went and ordered one that night. He is obsessed with this thing and it’s hilarious to watch him bounce in it. The thing that I think is especially nice is that it’s easily moved from room to room; I’ll attach it to the kitchen doorway if I’m cooking or I’ll move it to the bathroom doorway if I’m getting ready and it keeps him so entertained.
We knew that a frame pack for hiking was one of our “must-have” baby items when I was pregnant and so far, Cam and I both really love this one! Henry seems super secure in it, it’s easy to adjust to fit each of us, and it has lots of pockets. It’s been a hot summer here in Portland, and I really like that it keeps Henry more up and away from the wearer’s body, keeping us each from sweating all over the other. (Gross but true) I’m looking forward to lots more hikes with this thing in the months to come! 
This summer, I’ve tried hard to keep Henry out of the sun, but on days when it can’t be avoided, this is the sunscreen I use. It hasn’t irritated his skin and he hasn’t gotten sunburned so I’ll call that a win!

I actually found these things at our grocery store and I think they’re so genius! They’re these little spoons that screw on to the top of baby food pouches so you can squeeze the puree right into the spoon. They’re great for when baby is still getting used to solids and may not be able to suck the puree directly out of the pouch yet. Plus, they come in a little carrying case that’s super easy to throw in the diaper bag. (Also, they say that they are specifically for Plum Organics pouches but they’ve worked with every brand I’ve tried so far, just FYI)
Babies in sunglasses are pretty much one of the cutest things ever and this brand is popular for good reason. Not only do they look adorable on, but they’re replace the sunglasses for free if they’re lost or broken. We haven’t had to put that policy into effect yet, but it’s just reassuring knowing it’s there…ha.
My favorite bibs for Henry so far have surprisingly come from Ikea! I really like that they’re plain, fairly large, and can be thrown in the wash. They’re also dirt cheap, which is another bonus.
When it comes to certain items that involve your baby’s safety and/or you’re looking for features/ease of use (i.e. car seats, strollers, etc.), I think the case can be made for spending a little more. However, if you’re looking for an area to save, I’d highly suggest this low-budget high chair which is another Ikea gem. It’s super simple, not a total eyesore, and it’s so easy to clean. 
I have some other favorites from the past few months that really came in handy on our trip to Europe (which by the way, I’m really hoping to find time to share some photos from that soon…) but I figured I’d talk more about those items in their own separate post. 
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And as always, let me know what baby things I need in my life for the months to come! Specifically, I’d love any recs for a convertible car seat along with shoes for fall/winter that stay on a baby’s feet and are good for crawlers/early walkers. Thanks in advance! 🙂