Holiday // Our 2015 Christmas Card

Every year when the holiday season rolls around, one of my most favorite traditions is sending out Christmas cards. It’s something I really look forward to and I think there is something so nice about sending some snail mail this time of year. 

Last year, I ordered and sent out our card before Henry made his debut so I was really excited for our first official card as a family of three. (Well four, counting Lola of course!) For our photo, we ended up using one of the pictures we had taken by my friend Ashley earlier this year. (I was a little worried that it wasn’t a recent enough photo and part of me wanted to take a more Christmas-y one. But since Henry doesn’t like to sit still for more than two seconds these days, I figured we could just use one of the photos we that we had!) As for the cards, of course we went with Minted once again!

I’ve ordered our holiday cards from Minted for a number of years now (along with Henry’s birth announcements and shower invitations) and I’ve always been super happy with the result. This year was no exception! It’s always tough to choose because there are so many cute designs, but we decided to go with something simple and traditional this year. But what’s exciting is that Minted now offers letterpress cards
I absolutely LOVE the look of letterpress and so as soon as I saw it was an option, I knew that’s what I wanted to do for our card. (This is the design we chose) The letterpress looks really nice in person, photos really don’t do it justice! And then as always, Minted’s paper quality is second to none. 
(The only thing about the letterpress cards is that you can’t put anything on the back. But that actually made ordering so much easier because I didn’t have to stress over what to write…ha!)

Once again, I had both my return addresses and my recipient addresses printed on the envelopes which made sending them out such a breeze – just stick on a stamp and send! (And I’m loving the Charlie Brown stamps this year!) I love that Minted offers lots of cute designs for their envelopes that coordinate with their cards because it makes them feel that much more special.
I know Christmas is in a little over a week, but if you want to order cards (or gifts!) there is still time! If you place your card order today, you can receive them by Christmas Eve, and there’s still gifts that will be delivered before Christmas as well. Plus, Minted actually has tons of cute New Year’s cards if you want to send a greeting but want a little more time 🙂

I wish I could send you all a card for continuing to follow along with me through this first year of parenthood. I know my posting has been somewhat sporadic, so I appreciate those of you who have kept reading 🙂 I hope you have a blessed holiday season!
Special thanks to Minted for collaborating with me on this post, but
as always, all thoughts/opinions expressed are 100% my own 🙂