Photo from our hike to Dry Creek Falls this weekend 🙂

Watching: After hardcore binging on Making a Murder (so many emotions!) like everyone else in the world right now, we’re currently watching something a little lighter, aka the new season of It’s Always Sunny. Such a silly silly show. I’m also excited about this season of the Bachelor, although I still need to catch up on last night’s episode! And I can’t forget Downton Abbey, which I’m really sad is ending!

Reading: Nothing right now, but I’m excited to start this book that a friend recommended to me which looks super interesting! I’m also hoping to read a parenting book or two in the near future, just to get some possible ideas that might be helpful in the months to come. Now that Henry is moving out of the stage where we just had to keep him alive and into the stage where we actually need to parent and deal with things like tantrums and teaching him to share and all that jazz, I think it can’t hurt to have some developmentally appropriate suggestions on how to handle different situations. (If anyone has book recommendations, I’d love to hear them!) Oh, and I’m also trying to read the Bible from start to finish over the course of the year, which is something I haven’t done before. I have a reading plan I’m following, but I’m already a little behind. But, I figure were not that far into the year so I am working on getting caught up!

Listening To: Even though I still don’t like a lot of “new” country songs, I find myself listening to country radio more and more when I’m in the car. And then around the house, I’m usually listening to one of my many Pandora stations which range from Indie Folk to musicals 🙂

Eating: In total cliche New Year’s fashion, I am trying to go back to a more Paleo-based diet this year. I’d love it if I could eat veggies/protein/fruit/etc. 80-90% of the time and then save indulgences for times they’re really worth it. I told myself that I was going to be pretty strict at first and not to have any sweets (even Paleo “approved” ones) or any alcohol for the first 10 days to get started; surprisingly, I’ve been pretty good with the sweets, but I have had two social occasions arise where I did have a drink. Whoops. But moving forward this month/year, I want to enjoy things I love in moderation, but really work on having the majority of time be healthy food.

Loving: Henry (and Cameron) of course. And this Letterfolk board that I got for Christmas from my in-laws, it’s pretty rad. I’m also in love with the new rug we got on Saturday at Ikea! It’s so much more comfortable to get down on the floor and play with Henry and sheds WAY less than our old rug. A definite win in my book!

Doing: Trying to get miles towards this month’s Hike it Baby 30 Challenge! We’re almost halfway to the goal, but I know we’re going to make an effort to get some more time on the trail this month if we’re going to meet our goal.

Wanting:  This Gwen Stefani blush palette. It looks SO good and I loveee the packaging!

Needing:  To go through and organize my makeup/toiletries because our bathroom closet is a little out of control. I suppose I should probably get rid of some makeup before buying more…

Looking Forward To: Going to Michigan to visit my family and friends…tomorrow! Since we stayed home over Christmas, I decided to fly back with Henry for a quick trip this month and we leave tomorrow. I’m really excited to see everyone, although I’m not quite as excited for trying to wrangle Henry on the flight solo and the frigid temps that are predicted during my visit, but oh well!

(You can keep up with me on Instagram during my trip if you’d like!)

What are you up to these days?