Currently: February

A few of my recent favorites from Instagram 🙂
 I did one of these posts last month, and I think I may make it a regular thing around here? I just think it’s kind of a fun to check in and share some things that I’ve been enjoying lately! (I took my inspiration for this month’s prompts from Bridget, a favorite blogger of mine) This month, I’m…
Making: A photo book of Henry’s first year. I technically haven’t started it yet, but I’m going to this month…or at least that’s what I keep telling myself 🙂 I meant to do it in December but got busy with the holidays (not to mention all of us getting sick!) and now I just want to get it done!
Cooking: I’ve been trying to make more new recipes lately since Cam really wants to get back on track with eating Paleo as much as possible when we’re at home. (With some exceptions, ha!) I’ve been trying to find new healthy recipes for dinner and I’ve made a couple Asian-inspired dinners that we’ve really liked. We had this crockpot broccoli and beef (which isn’t Paleo, but close enough…we did have it over TJ’s cauliflower rice!) for dinner last night and then we had this Thai beef stew (also over cauliflower rice) last week and Cam said it was one of the best dinners I’ve ever made 🙂
Reading: I mentioned this book on Instagram yesterday, but so far I’m really loving it!
Wanting: To take Henry to the zoo soon and get him signed up for swim lessons 🙂
Looking: For a round mirror to hang over our buffet that Cam and I both like. Easier said than done!
Eating: Too much Valentine’s candy…which seems to lead right into eating too much Easter candy.
Wishing: That keeping things tidy came more naturally to me. I really do like when our house is picked up and I want it to be that way the majority of the time, but it seems like it just gets messy so incredibly fast. (Insert monkey covering eyes emoji here)
Enjoying: My moms group I’ve been going to this year! It’s actually at a church that we don’t even go to and I signed up for it on a whim back in the fall but it’s been so great. It’s every other week and not only have I made some great friends, but the speakers are always very encouraging. (You can listen to the podcasts here, if you’re interested!)
Loving: Henry’s age right now, it’s just so so cute 🙂 Although it can be frustrating at times because he isn’t necessarily able to communicate his feelings with words which can lead to some meltdowns, overall, it’s just a fun age. To see how much he’s learning every day and watching him start to put concepts together and develop a sense of humor is so cool!
Hoping: We can make it through the rest of the winter without any more major colds/illnesses! It’s tough with all the germs going around this time of year, but fingers crossed we all stay well!
Needing: To sit down with Cameron and our calendar and actually nail down some concrete travel plans/dates for 2016. We’ve got a quite a few trips we’ve talked about and some things I know that we’re for sure doing, but I just don’t know exactly when. We’re definitely a little spur of the moment sometimes when it comes to travel, but it would help to have at least some of our plans set.
Feeling: Ready for spring! Spring in Portland is amazing 🙂
Wearing: These PJs! I have a couple of the short sleeve sets and love them, so when I saw they had a more winter appropriate version, I had to snag them because they’re super soft and comfy!
Watching: Super into this season of the Bachelor (don’t judge) and I think it’s one of the best seasons in awhile! I actually like all four of the people that he’s going on hometown dates with next week, which I feel like is unusual compared to other seasons? We also just started the first season of Mozart in the Jungle, but I’m not sure I’m really feeling it? Someone tell me if it’s worth sticking with…
Bookmarking: All the toddler eats! I’m constantly trying to find new healthy recipes for Henry (we do try to feed him what we’re having for dinner, but for breakfasts/lunch I like having things made that I can just pull out of the fridge to feed him) I’m planning on doing a post soon with which recipes are our favorites, but in the meantime, let me know if you have any awesome toddler recipes!
What about you? What have you been loving lately?