February in Review

Happy March 🙂 I’m definitely looking forward to the month ahead, as it will hopefully mean the start of spring and nicer weather! But February was a pretty great month so (like I did last month) I wanted to go ahead and do a quick photo dump from my phone of some of the photos that didn’t make it to Instagram, but that I still wanted to share. Spoiler alert: They’re mainly of Henry. Ha. 
 ^^The snacks table at my moms group is always decorated so nicely to coordinate with the seasons! And when it feels like most days I’m coming from a toy strewn house, I really do appreciate all the effort that goes in to make it cute and pretty for us moms 🙂 (This was for Valentine’s Day, obviously)
 ^^We got a new end table and Henry is obsessed with climbing on it! We are constantly telling him not to, but he looks so cute and proud of himself it’s really hard to get mad.
 ^^And then if the TV is on, sometimes he’ll just climb up there and chill. Ha.
 ^^My friend Meredith and I went on an epic TJs shopping trip and then cooked up this deliciousness to eat while watching the Bachelor earlier this month when Cam was out of town for work trip.
 ^^Henry entertaining his friends at a play date at our house earlier this month 🙂
 ^^I know I already shared a bunch of photos from our weekend at the Coast earlier this month, but we had a really great time so I had to share a few more 🙂
 ^^So windy! Haha 🙂
 ^^Our Airbnb had this end table that was had this wheel as a base with glass on top. We removed the glass (for obvious reasons) and Henry was obsessed with spinning this thing our entire stay.
 ^^When your mom makes you take too many selfies…ha.
 ^^Checking out the fishies at the Oregon Coast Aquarium!
 ^^We tried to get him to stick his face through this cutout, but this was the closest we got. And I actually kind of love it 🙂

 ^^This was another favorite from that weekend 🙂

 ^^We had some really nice days in February so we had lots of time at the park!
 ^^Working on his Valentines 🙂
 ^^Cozy little lamb after the bath 🙂
 ^^This one from Valentine’s Day is a little blurry, but I love it 🙂
 ^^Helping Dada!
 ^^We all had fun having my mom in town last week!
^^I think this little guy may be an engineer like this dad, he’s super interested in figuring out how things work! Our science museum has an awesome area for little kids and so I love taking him 🙂
Well that pretty much covers it for February! I know I will probably say this at every stage, but Henry is just so much fun right now! I’m looking forward to making lots of new memories this month 🙂