Henry’s Favorite Books at 15 Months

In Henry’s 15 month update that I posted last week, I mentioned that he is such a little bookworm at the moment! He absolutely loves for us to read to him and is constantly bringing us books to read to him. (And often he’ll sit and “read” a book to himself, which is the cutest thing ever) I thought I’d share a few of his current favorites in case anyone was looking for some new ideas for their kiddos. (These would also be great Easter basket ideas too!) Henry has lots books so these are definitely not all of the ones he likes, but I just thought I’d share the ones that are really on repeat right now…

Henry's Current Favorite Books

Goodnight Planes – I wasn’t expecting him to be so into this book, but he absolutely loves it right now! (He also has Goodnight Oregon and Goodnight Michigan and we read those a lot too!)
How Big Is a Pig? – This one is really cute and the illustrations are charming.
New York: A Book of Colors – This was a gift from his aunt and uncle in NYC and he’s really been enjoying it lately. It’s just one color per page so it’s a very quick read, but I love that it reminds me of special landmarks in one of my favorite cities! (He also has this Paris one as well and loves it too!)
Dear Zoo – Henry LOVES lift the flap books and this one is great for working on animal noises too. 
Where’s Spot? – This is another lift the flap book and when you lift the flaps looking for Spot all the animals say “No!” and since that’s pretty much Henry’s favorite word, he really loves this one.
Ollie’s Valentine – I picked this one up on a whim at HomeGoods and he wants us to read it to him all the time! (And there is a mirror on the last page of this one and he gets a kick out of that)
Pop-Up Peekaboo! Meow! – Just like his lift the flap books, Henry loves this book because he gets to open different pages of it and surprisingly he hasn’t ripped out the pop-up animals yet! 
Goodnight Moon – This is a classic and there is just something so soothing about it! We read it every single night as the last book before he goes to bed and I have the entire thing committed to memory.
Harold and the Purple Crayon – This was a book I had as a kid and I thought it might not hold Henry’s interest yet, but surprisingly he likes it! (We have it in board book form, just FYI)
Winter – We have a few of these ‘Bright Baby Touch and Feel Books’ and they’re really simple, but he seems to like them a lot! (Plus, this one is just one word per picture so it’s super short!)
T is for Truck – This is another touch and feel one and he loves looking at all the different trucks!
Little Blue Truck – Speaking of trucks, I know this is a super popular one but for good reason! It seems to really hold Henry’s attention and it’s got cute rhyming.

Those are a few of our favorites but I’m always up for suggestions! Whenever we go to the library, I feel like I always end up picking out random books so I’d love some ideas for books your kids love!