Charleston Beach Day

Earlier this month, we took a trip South Carolina and spent some time in one of my favorite cities, Charleston! It was so great to be back in the South and Henry is at such a fun age right now. And knowing that he’s becoming a big brother later this year, Cam and I loved being able to soak up lots of quality time with him on. One of the days while we were in Charleston, we spent some time at the beach; it wasn’t super hot out and there was a cool breeze, but the sun was deceptively strong! Henry loved the sand and had fun running in and out of the waves, so I wanted to share a few photos…

We tried to get a family picture, but Henry wasn’t feeling it…ha 🙂

My serious beach boy 🙂

We spent the first part of the day at Folly Beach, and then after Henry was sufficiently ready for a nap, we got in the car and drove around for awhile. We end up driving over to another one of Charleston’s beach, Isle of Palms, and we got in some more beach time there later that afternoon.

He loves playing in the sand!

The time at the beach (and these warm temps in Portland this week!) have me excited for summer!