Currently: April

Two of my recent favorites from Instagram this month 🙂
 How’s your April going everyone? We’re having weather in the 80’s right now in Portland (yasssssssssss) so I can’t complain one bit! As for what I’m up to, this month I’m…
Making: Henry give me a million kisses a day. He’s in a big kissing phase all of the sudden and while he won’t typically do it unprompted, if I ask him if I can have a kiss, he gets so excited to plant one on me and I am totally obsessed. All of the heart eyes for that little dude 🙂


Cooking: About two meals a week these days, on average. I’ll usually plan two bigger meals that I know will make leftovers, and then it seems like inevitably things pop up during the week where we end up going out to eat, so it works out. Last week, I made a roast chicken (and we used the leftovers to make burrito bowls) and then Ina Garten’s meatloaf and it was plenty of food (and delicious!).


Reading: Nothing for me at the moment, just lots and lots of books for Henry – kid loves books!

Wanting: A maternity swim suit! I forsee lots of time at the pool and splash pads this summer and I’m going to need something to accommodate the growing bump – I thought this one looked cute!

Looking: At double stroller options – any recommendations?

Wishing: That I knew what to do to get Henry to eat healthier because toddlers are way frustrating. Some days he’ll love certain things, but the next day he wants nothing to do with them. It’s just tough knowing what he’ll actually eat from day to day! I know it’s totally normal though and he’s growing fine, it’s just a challenge some days!

Enjoying: The amazing weather in Portland this week! It’s so good, I had to mention it twice 🙂

Eating: When we were on our trip earlier this month, we had to fly through the Chicago airport and I totally bought a bag of caramel corn, because why not?. Since then, I’ve been craving caramel corn! I just got a bag of caramel corn/cheddar corn mix from Trader Joe’s that was delicious, and then yesterday I picked up a bag of that same type of Chicago mix from Whole Foods. So now I’m on the hunt for the best caramel corn, I’m open to suggestions!

Loving: This white and gold polka dot phone case that I got from Target recently. It’s held up really well and even though it’s slim, I feel like it does a good job protecting my phone. Plus, I think it’s super cute for spring!
Hoping: That it’s not too crazy hot this summer here in Portland. I know I’ve been complaining for months about the rain, but it’s going to be rough for this preggo if it’s sweltering for months!

Needing: To get a haircut…yes, still. I have to do it in the next week before we leave for Michigan!

Feeling: So happy the news about baby #2 is out in the open 🙂

Wearing: My regular clothes, but I’m going to have to make the transition into maternity clothes pretty soon I have a feeling! I bought a fair amount of maternity pieces when I was pregnant with Henry, so I’m going to try not to buy too many this time. Instead, I’m trying to focus on getting things that are non-maternity but that are a little more…relaxed and flowy so they’ll work for the next few months, as well as post-pregnancy, which is something I didn’t really understand last time 🙂

Watching:  For whatever reason, I recently started re-watching ‘Sex and the City’ on our HBO Now app, and I’m currently on season 3. I used to watch the show all the time in college and I’ve seen every episode, but it’s fun to go back and watch them all in order. I’ll admit, the show is kind of trashy and when I go back and watch it again, it reminds me how messed up their attitudes towards relationship are. But the clothes, the ladies’ lunches, and New York just make it my guilty pleasure 🙂 I’ve also been enjoying ‘Broad City’ this season, and I’m working my way through season 2 of ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.’ Oh and yay for ‘The Mindy Project’ being back! I felt like it kind of got way too serious (and kind of depressing) before the hiatus, so I’m hoping that it finds its groove again soon!
Bookmarking: This list of shorter hikes in Oregon (since under 5 miles is about all that Henry can handle in the pack these days) – we did #12 this weekend and it was beautiful!
Hope everyone is having a great week!