March in Review

Hello from the sunny South!
If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know (from the somewhat excessive amount of photos that I’ve been posting) that we’re currently in South Carolina for a little vacation! My husband had to come down here for a work meeting, and so Henry and I tagged along! Right now we’re visiting friends in Charleston, but we’re heading back to Greenville later this afternoon. I’ll be continuing to share more photos on Instagram and will most likely post more about our trip here too once we’re home, but for now, I wanted to go ahead and do a little March recap before we get too far into April!
March was a somewhat low-key month, which was nice because I have a feeling the rest of the spring is going to be pretty busy! We had some nice weather in Portland, and some really rainy weather. I had a few blogger events, we had some play dates, and we time with family. My sister came for a visit from New York and it was so much fun having her in town! We had St. Patrick’s Day and Easter squeezed in there too, plus leaving for this trip to South Carolina to finish out the month. 
So without further adieu, here’s a little photo dump from my phone from the month of March aka some of the photos that didn’t make it to Instagram…ha 🙂
 Even though I’m not a big gardener myself, I’m obsessed with all the different flowering plants that bloom all around Portland in the spring! It makes our walks around the neighborhood so pretty 🙂
Pretty sure Cam would not go for a pink couch (or 99% of the girly furnishings at Anthro!)
 On a stroll with Aunt Melissa and Lola 🙂
 Little Irish boy dressed in green on St. Patrick’s Day!
Henry loves looking at old pictures from when he was a “baby” and thinks it’s hilarious. LOL.
Playing with blocks with his friend Holden!
 On a quest to get the perfect photo in front of this amazing wall on N. Williams
 I seriously cannot get enough of Henry’s Easter outfit – that bow tie is too much!
 And yes, he was wearing suspenders too. All the heart eyes 🙂
Hunting for Easter eggs with his cousins at Cam’s parents’ house 🙂
Tried (and failed) to get a picture of Henry by the trilliums…ha 🙂
Henry is usually an awesome napper at home, but when we were at my in-laws he refused to nap unless he was laying on me, which is really unusual for him. And I really enjoyed the snuggles for awhile…but then I had to go to the bathroom and was ready for him to wake up. Ha.
 Managed to get out the door early for 9am church, a true Easter miracle!
 Henry trying to rip the Easter Bunny’s head off at brunch. LOL.
The bubbles in Henry’s Easter basket were a favorite!
And he really loved the bath toy too!
 Pretty panna cotta at Olympia Provisions for Portland Dining Month!
 This little guy is generally pretty well-behaved at restaurants, which we are so thankful for!
Airport shenanigans – he was obsessed with climbing in the carry on measuring thingy, ha! 
One of Henry’s favorite books right now is ‘Good Night Planes’ and he seemed extra in to the airport/airplanes this time! (Be sure to keep up with the rest of our trip – @inthepinkandgreen!)
I hope everyone’s April is off to a great start!