April in Review

Hola! Happy May everyone 🙂
Even though I haven’t been blogging a ton this year, I’ve been trying to be consistent with these “Month in Review” posts because I take so many pictures with my phone throughout the month that never end up making it to Instagram and I want to make sure to share some of them! This post recapping April is a little delayed because we’re still in Michigan and it’s been super busy ever since we arrived with wedding stuff, as well as seeing family and friends. But April was a big month so I didn’t want to miss doing this post! Last month, we took a trip to South Carolina and spent lots of time enjoying the nice weather in Portland. So without further adieu, here are some photos…

Henry was not amused by our family selfie in Charleston…ha 🙂
The old churches and adorable homes in Charleston are so charming!

Oh hey y’all!
This frozen lemonade blended with fresh mint leaves that I got in Charleston was quite literally the BEST.
My dapper little man 🙂
Exploring the nursery to pick out some plants for our yard!
Going for walks and checking out all the gorgeous plants in bloom in the spring is such a treat!
So much sweetness 🙂
“Helping” dad with the yard aka blowing bubbles with Lola!
Vegging out on the couch with a little Daniel Tiger after all that yard work…ha!
Enjoying the ducks at the Rhododendron Garden
Manual labor aka playtime at the Children’s Museum 🙂
“Mama! Mama! Mama! Mom! Ma! Mom! Mama! Mama!” #alldayeveryday
Making questionable choices at the drive-thru during Henry’s car nap…
His basketball hoop is still a little tall for him, so Dada helps him out 🙂
I already put up a ton of pictures from our hike a few weeks ago on Instagram, but it was SUCH a gorgeous day that I can’t help but including a few more in this post 🙂
Little man learned how to use the bite valve on the Camelback during our hike!


He’s just so cute I can’t stand it 🙂
So many gorgeous wildflowers!

Playing at the park in Hood River!
Literally the world’s most photographed child
Henry loves sitting in cars like this at the mall, but he gets a little scared when I actually put in the quarters to make it move. So for now, I just save my change and let him sit in it and pretend it’s moving…ha 🙂
Checking out the fountain in West Linn last week 🙂

Hope everyone is having a good month so far!