May Visit to the Mitten

Happy Friday everyone! We got back from our trip to Michigan late this past Sunday and this week has flown by! Things are normally kind of busy when we get back from being out of town with things like unpacking, catching up on laundry, etc. but on top of that, the weather has been in the 80s and sunny all week so we’ve been out trying to enjoy it! Today it’s actually supposed to be 90 degrees here in Portland (whatttttt) and it’s really fun having this little blast of summer 🙂
Anyway, I wanted to share a few pictures from our time in Michigan because we had quite a bit going on while we were there! We flew in and the first weekend, we had the wedding of one of Cam’s best friends from college which included two different ceremonies. Then we had my dad and Grandma’s birthdays, got together with a bunch of different friends, and then the second weekend, we had my sister’s baby shower and Mother’s Day. So even though were only there for a little over a week, we managed to pack a lot in! I was actually looking back through some of my old blog posts and realized that Henry and I took a trip to Michigan last May, and it’s crazy how much he’s changed in a year! Also, I know I already posted a bunch of pictures from our trip on Instagram while we were there (especially of the wedding) so these are just some other photos (all from my cell phone, whoooops) that I never got around to posting on social media while we were there 🙂
The most hipster coffee shop in Detroit, it seriously felt like we were in Portland!
I loved my mehendi for the wedding and I have to have my Tim Horton’s (usually multiple times) when I’m in Michigan
Cam was co-best man in the wedding and it was such a beautiful weekend. The bride and groom incorporated lots of personal details into every aspect of the wedding and it was really awesome to see how everything came together!
So nice it happened to work out that we were in town for my dad and Grandma’s birthdays!
While we were in town, I met up with a friend from college who has a little boy that’s Henry’s age and we went with them to a gymnastics type class – Henry LOVED it. We got there early and he was so sad he couldn’t go into the room right away when there was another class going on. But once he got in the gym, I don’t think he stopped jumping the entire time! I definitely want to do more activities/classes with him like this here in Portland 🙂

 Last Friday, Cameron, Henry, and I spent the day in Ann Arbor (which is where we went to college/met/got married) and we lucked out with gorgeous weather! I actually took a bunch of photos while we were there, but didn’t end up posting any of them on Instagram so they’re ending up in this post instead 🙂 Ann Arbor is such a great city that has so many great memories for us, and it was especially fun to be back there now that Henry is walking and could explore U of M’s campus 🙂
First stop was lunch at Zingerman’s where Henry devoured his grilled cheese sandwich 🙂
Checking out the Diag!
Henry REALLY wanted to get in the fountain but we compromised by letting him kick his feet in the water, ha 🙂
Cam proposed under the West Hall Arch and so it’s always a special spot to come back to whenever we’re in Ann Arbor. Plus, it was really pretty seeing everything in bloom for spring!
We finished our visit to Ann Arbor stopping by our old fraternity/sorority houses (which are right next door to each other). Things were pretty quiet since school is out and most people are home for the summer, but Henry had fun running across the lawn!
He was pretty over photos by the time we got to my sorority house 🙂
Hanging out with his cousin Luke!
Henry had a blast at my parents’ house exploring and playing with all of his new toys 🙂
On our last day, Henry even got to go out on the pond at my parents’ house for a little boat ride 🙂
He wasn’t a huge fan of the life jacket…ha 🙂
Henry had fun in the boat…until he decided he was done, which is par for the course right before nap time 🙂
Being a toddler is really hard sometimes 🙂
Mother’s Day!
I have a separate post coming next week all about my sister’s baby shower so stay tuned for that! 🙂
Have a great weekend everyone!