So Much to Celebrate

Happy Monday everyone! We were out at the Oregon coast camping this weekend and it was such a great time. I plan on sharing some photos from that trip later this week, but in the meantime, I wanted to pop in with a quick post because today is an extra special Monday 🙂

First though, in case you missed the announcement on Instagram on Friday, we found out last week that baby #2 is a BOY! We are super excited and I can’t wait for Henry to have a brother. I’ll probably do some sort of pregnancy update post in a few weeks, but overall, everything is going really well! I’m feeling great and just trying to soak up the one on one time with Henry 🙂 When I was pregnant with him and we found out we were having a boy, we had photos taken because we (ok, I…ha) wanted to reveal the gender in a big way. This time around, we weren’t able to do something like that, but I tried my best to get a picture of Henry. However, let’s just say right before bedtime was probably not the best time to attempt a gender reveal photo shoot. But I thought I’d share a few of the outtakes 🙂

I was planning to try and incorporate the ultrasound photo, but he kept ripping it down so I had to nix that idea…
Best buds 🙂

The lack of effort on the gender reveal photos does not reflect just how excited Cameron and I are about having another little boy – we’re thrilled! And actually, we’ve already sort of known for awhile now! We had an ultrasound at 12 weeks (right before we shared the news) and the ultrasound tech actually told us at that appointment that her early gender prediction would be another boy, but there was only about 75% probability at that point and to wait until our 20 week ultrasound to confirm. So since then, we’ve been sort of assuming that it’s a boy, so it’s nice to finally have it confirmed for sure 🙂 Plus, everything else looked great at the ultrasound and the baby is growing right on track!

 The only thing that freaks me out a little bit is the fact that with my pregnancy with Henry, once we reached the halfway mark, the remainder of the pregnancy seemed to fly by. With this pregnancy, it already feels like the time is going by super fast, so it’s really starting to sink in just how quickly the next 20 weeks are going to go! But luckily, we already have most of the baby gear and a ton of clothes so it doesn’t feel like there is quite as much to prepare. But still, it’s a little crazy!
Anyway, while the news about baby #2 is definitely exciting, today has another cause for celebration as well – it’s our 7th wedding anniversary! It’s hard to believe that we’ve been married for seven years, but at the same time, it feels like so much has happened since our wedding! I’ve shared quite a few anniversary posts in the past, including this one from two years ago with lots of photos of our wedding and past anniversaries. But at the risk of being redundant, I thought I’d share a few more because it’s always fun to reminisce when this day rolls around each year 🙂
When we got married, I was still in my tanning bed days – glad those are over…eek!
A few more of my favorite photos from our wedding day from our photographer 🙂 But because I just grabbed them from my past posts, the sizes of all these old photos are a little wonky!
Wedding day picture in the spot on U of M’s campus where we got engaged!
On our first anniversary, we were backpacking in Europe and we happened to be in Cinque Terre, which to this day remains one of our favorite places we’ve ever traveled. I would love to go back, hopefully for a future anniversary!
Our fifth anniversary is when we announced that we were pregnant the first time around, and that night, we celebrated by going out to dinner at Beast here in Portland – kinda seems like forever ago now!
For our fifth anniversary, we had some photos taken by my
friend Ali; I love these photos and they represent a chapter of
our lives filled with lots of good memories aka the first five years of our
marriage before becoming parents when it was just Cameron and I.
Because let’s face it, pretty much every photo we take now is of Henry –

Last year for our sixth anniversary, we spent the day as a family in Astoria 🙂
 It’s been an amazing seven years and I’m so thankful that I have such a wonderful partner to go through life with. Cameron is not only the best husband, but he is such an awesome dad so it makes me that much more excited to add another boy to our bunch soon! And tonight (thanks to Cameron’s parents), I’m really looking forward to celebrating us by going out for a dinner that doesn’t involve getting a high chair or feeding Henry a million animal crackers to get through our meal! 🙂