Currently: July

Some of my favorite photos from my Instagram so far this month 🙂

 Happy Friday everyone! I know things here on the blog have been even more sporadic than usual this month thanks to the fact that it’s summer and we’ve been traveling, but I wanted to pop in and say hello! I hope everyone is having a fantastic July, here’s a little bit about what I’ve been up to lately 🙂

Enjoying: Feeling the baby move! This time around, my placenta is in the front so it took a little bit longer to feel him moving then I did with Henry, but now his movements are getting stronger and more frequent. It’s such a cool feeling and even though I’m usually chasing Henry around when it happens, I’m trying to soak it in. Also, I’m working on a post on my second trimester, and I’ll be sharing that soon 🙂
Making: Appointments for the dentist and the eye doctor! I’m overdue for both of these things so I figured that I had better get them taken care of before I have a newborn who needs to nurse all the time!
Cooking: Nothing…ha! Since we’ve been traveling a lot this month, our fridge was literally empty when we came home. We did manage to get to the grocery store yesterday and stock up, and since we have tons of lettuce in our garden right now, I anticipate having quite a few salads in the near future. It’s also supposed to be pretty hot in Portland next week, so my motivation for cooking is pretty low right now and I’m guessing we’ll be using our grill quite a bit!

Reading: Also nothing at the moment….whoops. I always have grand plans to read a lot of books over the summer, but between taking care of a toddler and being pregnant, I honestly feel like all my brain can handle at the end of the day is TV, ha!
Wanting: Someone to come and unpack from our trip to Michigan for me. For as much as I really do love to travel, I detest packing and unpacking.

Looking: At all the cute things available for the NSale, which starts today! I feel like all I’ve been seeing for the past two weeks are blog posts about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, so I feel like they’ll revoke my blogger status if I don’t at least mention it 🙂 Although I do love Nordstrom, I don’t have the credit card (so no early access for me) and I’m not nearly as crazy about the sale as a lot of other people are. Not to mention that since I’m pregnant, I’m pretty much limited to non-clothing purchases this year. Whomp whomp. But I do have my eye on a few things, like these booties and this robe, which I feel like I will live in after the baby is born 🙂

Wishing: That could get a sectional for our family room. I may have mentioned this in one of these posts before, but right now, we just have a couch (and two chairs) in our family room. So at night when Cameron and I lay on the couch to watch TV, we are always in each other’s space. When it was winter and I was not pregnant, I didn’t mind being cozy but now that it’s hot out and I feel huge, it’s getting more and more difficult to get comfortable. Unfortunately, I don’t think a sectional would fit in super well in our family room but I’m getting tired of cursing our tiny couch every night.
Eating: Tons of summer fruit, mint chip ice cream, and sour gummy candy. Best of luck for my gestational diabetes test that’s coming up soon!
Loving: Seeing Henry’s language really start to develop! I heard from so many people that language really starts exploding around 18 months, and it’s definitely been that way for him. I feel like he says new words all the time and it’s just such a cute stage I can barely stand it, ha 🙂
Hoping: The pain that I’m having in my hand/wrist goes away soon! I feel like I had something similar happen with Henry and so I think it may be pregnancy related, but it feels like I have carpal tunnel or something similar in my left hand and wrist. It comes and goes throughout the day so it’s not too bad, but it’s still annoying!

Needing: To go check out the ModCloth pop-up here in Portland before the end of the month!

Wearing: This maternity swim suit! The fact that it’s a one piece does make it a little annoying to go to the bathroom (which is sort of a bad combination with pregnancy, ha!) but overall, I really like it and have worn it a ton so far this summer! (The suit I have is actually red with white polka dots and it looks like it’s not available online anymore, but it’s the same cut as this one – I think the red one might still be available in store though!)

Watching: The Bachelorette, although thanks to our Michigan trip, I haven’t had a chance to watch this week’s episode yet! (Hoping to make time for it today!) We also just finished rewatching all the episodes of The Office, and then we just started watching Bloodline. I’m not sure what to think of it just yet, but I’ve heard good things!
Feeling: A little tired, thanks to jet lag 🙂 TGIF!