June in Review

Hey there, long time no blog!
Summer is in full swing and we’ve been enjoying every minute over here! I feel like many of the blogs I read have been kind of sporadic in posting lately; it’s just that time of year when everyone seems to be busy and would rather be outside vs. sitting at a computer and that’s life 🙂 But to catch you up, July has been pretty busy for us so far! We had a somewhat low key 4th of July weekend, but then we left for a trip to Central Oregon last week. Now we’re back home, but we’re gearing up for a trip to Michigan and then we have a camping trip planned for later this month.
So I know we’re already almost halfway into July (whattttttt) but for the sake of consistency, I wanted to do a quick post recapping June (like I’ve done with the previous months this year) before I share anything else. These are some of my favorite photos from the past month that never made it to Instagram aka basically a phone dump of Henry photos 🙂 I’m just loving this age!

Picking dandelions in our yard 🙂
Park & Splash Pad back when the weather was warm, it’s been cool here recently!
Checking out the dog at the Children’s Museum
View from our deck
Picking up rocks after his 18 month well check up aka his favorite thing to do
Shopping with my sidekick (in an extremely wrinkled shirt, whoops)
I got this outfit for my baby shower and it just now fits Henry – he looks like an adorable gymnastics coach lol 🙂
My guys walking around town
Always running!
These PJs are some of my favorites 🙂
Playing with his cousin at our BBQ
Father’s Day by the water
He LOVES sand!

Playground with Dada!
Strolling around Portland with my boy!
Very interested in his friend’s hair (he kept trying to take her bow out – ha!)
Henry did swim lessons for two weeks in June, and the pool had the prettiest hydrangeas out front!
Little fish!
He loves the slide 🙂
I took a ton of pictures of in front of these flowers over the course of his lessons, they were so pretty in person!
We are constantly teaching Henry to be gentle with Lola and not to sit/step on her…but sometimes, it happens…(and thankfully Lola doesn’t seem to mind at all! Actually, she seems like she enjoys all the attention)
Turning on and off lights is his favorite thing
Taking his upcoming responsibilities very seriously…ha!
More playground time
Exploring the botanical garden!
Pouting after I made him get out of the pool after his lesson was over
Loving free play with the toys at the library at storytime
This cake was from a little Momma Bear Magazine get together and I thought it was awesome 🙂
These two 🙂
More running…he’s getting so fast!
Checking out the lavender festival after our hike to Ramona Falls
Dinner/grocery shopping date with my boy 🙂

Hope everyone had a great June and that July is off to a wonderful start so far!