July in Review

Hey there, happy August!

July was a pretty busy month for us – we took a trip to Central Oregon (which I already shared some details about here), then we went to Michigan for a week, and then we took another camping trip! It was all lots of fun, but I’m also looking forward to sticking a little closer to home this month! I already shared quite a few photos from these trips on Instagram, but here are a few more of my favorites from the month of July that I never got around to posting 🙂

I love holidays and I’m all about being festive, especially when there are so many cute things for kids out there! Even if it was a tad heavy on the stars and stripes, I loved Henry’s 4th of July outfit this year. (The romper is from Hanna Andersson, the shoes are Old Navy, and the glasses are from the Target Dollar Spot!)
He did not want stand still or keep his sunglasses on, but you get the idea 🙂
After 4th of July, we headed to Bend for five days and it was a really nice little getaway! We camped for a few days at Lava Lake and it got REALLY chilly at night since we were at a high elevation, but Henry handled it like a champ! And then we also spent a few days in Bend as well, along with checking out the Painted Hills and Smith Rock!

Having a blast at Crux Fermentation Project, a super popular and family friendly brewery in Bend 🙂
Letting Henry have some of my milkshake at dinner and he did NOT want to give it back…ha!
Morning cup of coffee, ha 🙂
I already shared a bunch of photos from Smith Rock but I can’t help but take a million of this little scrunch face!
Also, it’s probably time to retire this orange jacket, but it’s so perfect for cold weather!

After we got back from Bend, we took a trip to Michigan and had a great time seeing my family, along with quite a few friends! The time always seems to go by too quickly though!
We had a layover at MSP and they had an awesome kids play area!
Little and Loud – I thought the people sitting around us would appreciate this shirt 🙂
Henry already has so many toys at my parents’ house, but he loves this giant bear – Costco for the win!
Taking a break from checking out the ducks with Grammy at the park
Cute little driver
My dad took Henry out on our pond and they caught a few fish!
Henry was not too sure about the life jacket, but my dad had fun 🙂
Speaking of fishing, my dad and Cam went on a little fishing trip in Canada while we were in town
I’m so glad I got to meet my cousin’s sweet baby Lila!
Henry got to spend time with his cousin Luke, they’re so cute together 🙂
Playing with their new pillow books from Great Grandma
Henry and Great Grandma 🙂 He’s got more teeth coming in so he’s constantly chewing on his fingers!
Day at the lake
In addition to getting to see my parents while we were in Michigan, there were actually a two relatives from my extended family that don’t live in Michigan but happened to be visiting during the time I was there, so we had a lot of family barbecues which was fun!
After we got back from Michigan, Henry came down with a really bad cold and then I got it…and then I also got pink eye, gahhh! (Thankfully that’s gone now though!) So we spent quite a bit of time just laying low and relaxing at the house, summer colds are such a bummer!

Testing out the new chairs that we got for Henry and his little brother!
Being sick means lots of Sesame Street! Also, our dog is literally the goofiest.
We ended July with a quick camping trip to the McKenzie River area in Central Oregon! This area is relatively close to Bend, but there’s enough to see that it definitely warrants it’s own trip! The McKenzie River is beautiful and there are lots of great waterfalls to check out!

We stayed at Ice Cap campground, which was ok, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it with a toddler as some of the sites (including ours) had pretty steep dropoffs and I felt like the tent only sites were very close together. Henry still had fun though and we tried to keep him busy with books and snacks!
Enjoying the campfire while Lola eyes his hot dog 🙂
Even though I’m pregnant, I’ve been able to sleep in the tent just fine this summer! (As evidenced by this picture Cam took, ha!) But now that I’m in the last trimester, I decided that this would be our last camping trip for the summer just because the bump seems to be growing and I don’t think I’d be as comfortable camping in the future.
Hiking on the McKenzie River Trail which runs right next to the river!
I know I probably sound like a broken record complaining about having to wear my glasses while I had pink eye, but it was just annoying! I have terrible eye sight and so my vision is just much better with contacts vs. glasses, not to mention my glasses are super bent from Henry constantly pulling them off my face! Plus, it’s just weird for me to see myself in them since I normally never wear them!
A particularly blue section of the McKenzie River
Lower Proxy Falls – so glad we got to see this one!
We had planned to go swimming at Clear Lake, but we didn’t realize just how cold the water is! (Apparently it’s right around 40 degrees!) So we opted to rent a boat instead, which was perfect for taking in the absolutely amazing color of the water!
Lola checking out the other dogs
Henry wasn’t a big fan of the boat at first, but then he ended up loving it!
My hair (and my face for that matter) looks slightly crazy, but oh well – it was a fun day! 🙂
I have SO been enjoying this summer, and I’m excited for another month of fun in the sun! (I’m also starting to get antsy for fall, but I’m trying to force myself to soak up this next month of lazy days of grilling and swimming and all things summer before switching to fall mode!)