Recent Target Favorites

Happy Friday friends! I feel like the majority of blogs I read have been really sporadic in posting lately; it seems like everyone is just in this sort of lazy end of summer mode, myself included. I know soon enough we’ll be back in the routine of fall, but right now I’m just enjoying soaking up what’s left of these long summer days!

Speaking of summer, it’s been HOT here in Portland lately! And that’s part of the reason I found at Target twice this week 🙂 I meant to go last weekend and it didn’t end up working out, so on Monday morning, Henry and I headed there and had a nice leisurely morning enjoying their AC. Then yesterday, Henry decided not to nap and I had a couple things I needed to take back/exchange from Monday’s shopping trip, so we headed back there for another quick trip…and of course I left with even more stuff! Pretty sure I’m on a Target embargo for the next few weeks 🙂
I know it’s the epitome of a #basic #momlife cliche, but I really do love Target! You can get cute clothes, diapers, shoes, snacks, makeup, and you can get Starbucks while shopping – what more could you want? I realize how lame that sounds, but I know my fellow moms out there will agree! Case in point, last weekend I happened to be texting with my friend Natasha asking her a question about something she uses for her boys because I told her I was going to Target soon…and she texted back saying she was at Target, ha! Then earlier this week, she put up a post about finds from her Target trip and I thought it was such a great idea! I tend to gravitate towards the same things when I go to Target, so I love seeing fellow bloggers share their favorites because (much to my husband’s dismay) it gives me ideas of what to pick up when I’m there. So I thought I’d copy Natasha’s post and share a few of the things that made it into my cart this week that I’m loving!
I saw my friend Stephanie from Olive & Tate post about this t-shirt on Instagram recently and it looked so cute and flattering that I just had to have it! I had a little bit of a hard time finding it at my Target since they sell like 4852713 different styles of t-shirts, but I eventually found it on the clearance rack marked down to only $8! But when I was there yesterday, I saw some that were the normal price and it’s not marked down online, so it may be in stock at your store and I highly recommend snapping it up! I bought it in my normal size for postpartum, but I sized up and bought one for now too because it seemed to work well with the bump!

I got this dress because it seemed like the perfect summer to fall transition piece as the fabric is on the thicker side. It’s not maternity, but it’s loose enough that I can wear it with the bump, but I think it will be ideal with leggings and a sweater in the months after baby too!

And even though I said I wasn’t going to buy any other maternity pieces, I feel like I’m starting to run out of clothes that fit so I ended up getting these maternity leggings, this (clearance) striped tee, and another one of these maternity tanks in gray because they’re such a great staple! But looking through all the non-maternity clothing, I thought they had some really cute things for fall! Sometimes I think the clothing selection at Target can be hit or miss depending on the season, but there were a lot of other things I wanted for fall that sadly won’t fit me right now 🙁 There were also lots of really adorable things in the workout section too, but I didn’t spend too much time looking there since I’m not really in the market to buy any of that stuff at the moment! (But I will definitely be hitting up the workout gear section post-baby for sure!)

As for things I can actually wear right now, there were also lots of cute things for fall in the shoe department! I actually ended up buying these taupe booties, which I think are super cute…but ended up taking them back. Whomp whomp. As much as I liked them, I feel like a wedge heel like this isn’t as practical for me chasing after Henry and even though the heel on these isn’t too high, I usually do better with something a little more flat. Not to mention the faux suede material and the Oregon rain don’t always mix super well. But I do think they’re adorable so someone should buy them, ha!

These days though, I seem to have a lot more fun buying clothes and shoes for Henry than I do for myself! And especially since there’s another baby boy on the way who will hopefully get to wear a lot of this stuff again, I feel like it gives me even more incentive when I’m shopping for his clothes. I was super excited to check out the new line of kids clothes at Target called Cat & Jack and it did not disappoint! I will admit that some of the boy stuff was not my style as I’m not a huge fan of graphic tees and they had a bunch of space-themed stuff that I didn’t really care for. But they also had some really cute pieces that were super reasonably priced that I picked up for Henry for fall!
I got him these Straight Fit Khaki Jeans and I love the color! Plus, I like that they have a soft waistband since it seems more comfy for a toddler on the go. I feel like Henry has grown a lot over the summer and he’s officially into 2T sizes for the fall.

I also got him these Black Wash Soft Jeans (although I think the ones that I got have black not white stitching?) because they are so soft! They’ll be super comfy for him to play in while still looking like cute jeans. I also got him two really cute sweatshirts Cat & Jack sweatshirts that were only $5 each, but they don’t seem to be available online – definitely check your store though!
Probably my favorite thing I got are these Zip Up High Top Sneakers for Henry to wear this fall, I think they’re just so darling!

And new shoes need a few new pairs of socks – how cute are these
Even though Henry has so many old clothes that we’ll be using for baby #2, I can resist picking up a few new things for him too! We loved zip footie PJs with Henry, and I thought these Organic Zip Sleepers were so sweet looking, I love the neutral color palette! (Also, if you have a little girl, then definitely check out the Cat & Jack stuff because it was seriously adorable!!

And because it seems like many of my shopping trips these days involve buying more things for Henry than myself, I did pick him up a few other things while we were there. One thing in particular is this Numbers Colors Shapes board book! (The link says it’s not available in store, but they had it at my Target!) Awhile back, I picked him up a book from the same series about 100 different trucks and it’s one of his favorites, but what I love is that the size of the book is perfect for throwing in my bag when we’re on the go. Each book in this series has so many different pictures in it that they’re great for holding a toddlers attention longer than just a normal storybook.

(And just FYI – the Dollar Spot has tons of great educational type items right now for back to school so I’ve found some really fun things recently to help Henry work on shapes, colors, etc. Plus, they’ve got some other things that are really cute like Rifle Paper Co-esque paper goods. But when does the Dollar Spot not have good stuff? It’s seriously my downfall!)

So even though I bought a few things for Henry, it’s pretty much impossible for me to walk by the makeup section without at least putting something in the cart…ha! I did have to stock up on a few things I was running low on (like these face wipes – my favorite!) but one more impulse purchase was this navy nail polish from Essie! I recently tried out their gel couture line and was impressed with how long it stayed on my nails, so I wanted to get another color to give it a try and I thought this one was perfect for fall!

 Speaking of fall, I am starting to get super excited for the change in seasons but they didn’t really have any fall stuff out at my Target except for back to school stuff. However, I am a sucker for these seasonal Method soaps so I did pick up this pumpkin clove one (and this blue sage one!) so I’m excited to put those out soon. With Cam working at home and me having to constantly go to the bathroom being pregnant, I feel like we got through so much hand soap, ha!

So there you have it, a few of my favorites from my recent Target trips! Of course, somehow a ton of other random things ended up in my cart including birthday cards, bubble bath for Henry, s’mores flavored Oreos (seriously), etc…ha! But I’d love to hear what your Target favorites are so I can keep an eye out for them next time I’m there!