Baby #2 Third Trimester Recap

Well, we’ve reached the end of September…which means that tomorrow is October aka the month that Baby Graybeal #2 arrives! (Or at least he had better arrive because if I’m still pregnant come November, I’m will be shocked slash pretty irritated…ha!) So I figured now was as good a time as any to do one last pregnancy update on what this trimester has been like! Although it’s probably going to be a little more short and sweet than my first and second trimester updates because mama is tired 🙂

One of my favorites from our maternity photos last month 🙂

 How far along:  

37 weeks as of yesterday, so full term! Or so I thought at least, but the email I got from my pregnancy app yesterday said technically you’re not considered “full-term” until 39 weeks? But either way, I’m definitely in the home stretch!

  Baby’s size: 
Not sure, but he feels HUGE. If I had to guess, I think he’ll be as big as Henry (who was 9lbs 8oz) but he honestly could even be bigger! (Sort of praying I’m wrong though, ha!)

 Weight gain/Bump status:
I honestly haven’t been paying very close attention to it this pregnancy but when I checked on our home scale yesterday, I was up 23 lbs from my weight at my first midwife appointment this pregnancy. And granted, that starting weight was a tad higher than my pre-pregnancy weight before Henry. But I also gained a little more weight when I was pregnant with Henry so basically I’m right in the ballpark of where I was when Henry was born. As for the bump itself, I feels pretty giant. I feel like people see me and they’re like WOW, when are you due?! Aka you’re obviously so pregnant that it’s not even questionable to ask about it since you look like you’re about to go into labor any minute. Ha.


In Hood River at 30 weeks


BOY! Although Henry has been into saying “baby” for awhile, more and more he’s been starting to say “brother,” except it sounds like “brudder,” which is adorable. His favorite thing at the moment is to say “Oh brudder!” and he thinks it’s hilarious 🙂


Yes, lots of it! And while it’s not painful, when I do feel him move it’s pretty intense. I’ll feel him moving around from really low down all the way up to my ribs at the same time, so that’s part of what makes me think that he’s
a pretty big guy!

Dressed up for a wedding, also 30 weeks

  Food cravings:  

Sugar. So much sugar. Which isn’t abnormal for me since I have an extreme sweet tooth even not pregnant, but I’ve eaten way too much of it this pregnancy!! It’s just so hard to resist, especially when you can’t have wine…ha. But as for weird or abnormal cravings, I haven’t been wanting anything too out of the ordinary?
So sleep has definitely been the best recently, but I know that’s kind of to be expected at this late in the game. Thankfully, I haven’t been too physically uncomfortable (and I actually haven’t even used the Bump Nest pillow that I had to buy when I was pregnant with Henry) but having to get up to use the bathroom is usually what wakes me up earlier than I’d like in the morning. Not to mention, I get much more tired at night and fall asleep on the couch watching TV, but then when I actually get up to go get in bed, I have a hard time falling back to sleep. Obviously the simple solution would be to just get in bed earlier, but that would be way too easy…ha! Also, I have been having weird dreams and I feel like I’ll wake up randomly and just feel like I don’t get a really sound night’s sleep. But I know it could be worse, so I’m trying to appreciate the sleep I am getting now!

31 weeks

Miss anything?

  Being able to get my wedding ring on and off! I hadn’t been wearing it much lately because my hands have swelled some and then with the hot weather, I could not get it on my finger. But the other day, I really wanted to wear it for something and so I just shoved it on my finger and now I cannot get it off for the life of me. Whoops! Also, I miss being able to do things like put my shoes on easily or get Henry in and out of his car seat without my giant belly getting in the way. 


Ha…no. At least no pfficial “workouts.” But considering Henry’s favorite thing is to “run, run!” and just take off at full speed, just getting through the day is a workout with this belly most of the time.

Mirror selfie at 33 weeks

  Maternity Clothes?

 Pretty much all maternity clothes at this point, with the exception of a more roomy tunic type things or some workout clothes. I bought quite a few maternity items when I was pregnant with Henry though, but I did end up purchasing a few additional maternity pieces last month because Target/Motherhood Maternity had some good sales. Plus, the majority of maternity stuff I bought with Henry was very tight and clingy and since I feel like both me and the bump are a little bigger this go round, I found myself wanting a few more looser maternity things 🙂 The good part is that it should be stuff that I can more easily wear postpartum as well! I have to mention a favorite piece this pregnancy has been this ‘maternity and beyond‘ dress that I got from Hanna Andersson; I wore it to my nephew’s bris when we were in NYC and it was super comfortable and flattering! (Literally everyone I talked to seemed shocked my due date was so soon when I was wearing this dress because sort of helps to minimize the bump, in a good way!)

Central Park at 34 weeks


Well at the moment I have a bad headache, and I definitely feel like I’m more prone to them when I’m pregnant. Thankfully they haven’t been too terrible this trimester, but every now and then I’ll get one and it’s not fun. Other than that, I feel pretty good overall, but I’m definitely starting to slow down. I feel like my energy level has been pretty good, mainly because I don’t feel like I have a choice since I have to keep up with Henry! And I was just fine doing lots of walking on our trip to New York earlier this month. But I also notice lately that I do get more tired and feel like I need to sit down and will almost get winded doing simple things, which probably has something to do with the fact that there is a baby squishing my organs up into my ribcage…ha!

Apple picking at 36 weeks

Overall, I feel like my mood is really good these days, but there are definitely a lot of mixed emotions as well. On the one hand, I feel much less anxious about the whole birth experience this time around; I think after going through it once, you realize that so much of it is out of your control and it’s just going to go how it goes and that’s fine with me 🙂 What’s harder this time with Henry is just knowing that I could go into labor at any time. Granted, we’re lucky to have family and friends to rely on so I have no doubt everything will go smoothly when the time comes! But since the longest we’ve ever been away from Henry is for one night, it is a little weird to think about leaving him for longer than that. Seeing our nephew in New York was really surreal and I think it’s finally hitting both Cameron and myself that we’re going to have one of those soon, ha! And then with Henry, I’m at that point where I’m feeling all the feels. Some days, when he does stuff like run away from me in a parking lot, I seriously wonder how on earth I am going to handle him and a newborn. Other times, when he’s been so sweet and snuggly, I feel kind of sad and emotional that his time as “the baby” where we can focus all our attention on him is coming to an end. And then there’s other times where he’s playing with his little baby doll we got him or pointing at my belly that I’m super excited to see just how much he’s going to love his little brother. Pregnancy has a way of really heightening your emotions, but I know it’s going to be even more intense once the baby is actually here, so I’m just trying to go with the flow 🙂

Lost Lake at 36 weeks (This is from the same day as the apple orchard picture, I just don’t look as huge. LOL.)


Best moments from the third trimester:

Last month, Cam and I had a wedding to go to and so we left Henry with Cam’s parents, and it was really nice to get away for a night! And while we aren’t planning on any more overnight trips before my due date, I’m hoping that we’ll be able to get out for at least another date night or two!
-Having my friend Ali take some family/maternity photos for us!
-I know I’ve already mentioned it a few times in this post, but our trip to NYC was definitely a highlight from this trimester for sure! I wasn’t sure if we were going to be able to go or not since the timing was so late in my pregnancy, but it ended up being just fine and I’m really glad we went!
-I think the best part of this trimester has just been soaking up one on one time with Henry because I feel like he’s grown up SO much over the past few months as his language has really started to develop. And while he definitely has his moments, overall, it’s really easy to go places with him at this age so I’ve just been trying to enjoy it before I have two kiddos in tow!

Mirror selfie taken from my Snapchat yesterday (so 37 weeks) trying on glasses at Warby Parker 🙂

Looking forward to:

-Tonight, I’m going out with some of my mama friends to celebrate baby #2 and I’m really looking forward to it! I know it’s popular to do asprinkle‘ for a second baby these days, but since we’re having another boy and they’ll be so close together, it just seemed kind of unnecessary? But it is still an exciting time so I’m looking forward to celebrating with some of my mama friends who I’ve gotten to know since Henry was born! 
-Finally being able to start baby #2’s nursery! I’ve mentioned on the blog before that we couldn’t really get going on the nursery until we finished our basement and then moved our bedroom downstairs. Thankfully, Cameron finished the basement (and it looks amazing!) and so he recently moved his office down there. In the past two weeks, we’ve repainted the room that was his old office and moved our stuff in to that space. So, the room that will be baby #2’s nursery is finally empty and ready to paint! And while we are hoping to at least get it painted before he comes, I know it’s not going to be “done” until early 2017, especially since there are couple things in Henry’s room now that we’re planning on moving to the nursery but we want to wait until after the holidays. We did already move the bassinet into our bedroom since the baby will be sleeping there for the first few months anyway, but I’m excited that we‘ve finally reached a point where we can at least get started on this little guy‘s room!
-Not being pregnant anymore. With Henry, I felt like I never really reached that point where I was super uncomfortable and just over being pregnant, but this time around, I’m definitely more in that place. It just feels so cumbersome going through the day with this huge belly sometimes, that I’m definitely getting excited for it to be gone. But at the same time, I do also really like being pregnant and it’s still really neat being able to feel the baby move, so I know I’m going also going to miss it a little bit too.
-Obviously, what we’re most looking forward to is baby boy‘s arrival! Can’t wait for him to join our family oh so soon!