September in Review

Well, I’m still pregnant. I just felt the need to start out with that disclaimer, ha!
We’re already a week into October and baby boy could decide to arrive any day now which is exciting! I shared a little recap of my third trimester last week, but I also wanted to go ahead and share a review from the month of September as well! I’ve really enjoyed doing these monthly “photo dump” posts this year because I take an insane amount of pictures with my phone and since they don’t all make it to Instagram, it’s nice to have a way to share a few more of them, as well as to reflect on the previous month. September was fairly busy for us as the month kind of revolved around our trip to New York; we didn’t want to book our tickets until my nephew actually arrived, but once he was born, it was fairly short notice to head out to the East Coast. We had a great time though and I’m so glad we went! (Also, I didn’t include any photos from our trip in this post since I already did an entire dedicated post about it!) The rest of September was really all about soaking up time with Henry! We had lots of fun outings and play dates this month, as well as some fun fall activities like Oktoberfest and apple picking. Overall, it was a fun month but I have a feeling that October is going to be even better 🙂

I got these crayon decals from the Target dollar spot and just threw them up on a wall in Henry’s play area, but he seems to love them! He’s very into his colors these days and so they are a great way to keep working on it.
Speaking of Target, we seem to spend a lot of time there. Can I get an ‘amen’ from my fellow moms out there? LOL.
Playing in our backyard with his buddy Everett, they were born just hours apart at the same hospital!
We took Henry to a big truck day over Labor Day weekend, and I have a feeling we’ll be doing lots of things like this over the next few years, only we’ll have two boys running around!
Another big thing that happened last month is that Cameron finally finished our basement! It was totally unfinished (and kind of scary looking) when we moved in and now it’s a really nice looking room that he’s using for his office. He’d been working hard on it for months, and he did everything himself! (He did have some help from his family, but he didn’t hire anyone and has put in a lot of hours on this project!) It turned out so great and now he has his office set up down there, which is working out great 🙂
Also, these pictures kind of look like they’re in black and white, but they are actually in color…ha! I just took them at night and the walls are a light gray and the floors are a dark grayish brown.
We made a couple visits to the Portland Children’s Museum last month, it’s such a fun place for kiddos!
Speaking of fun for the little ones, Polliwog in NE Portland is one of my FAVORITE kid stores in town and it’s such a great place to go for a gift. They just have a great selection of toys, clothes, and books and I always want to buy all the things.
Swinging at the park!
Once Cameron finished the basement, my nesting instincts kicked into high gear as far as wanting to get the rest of the house ready before baby arrives. This resulted in a late night at Ikea, I wouldn’t suggest it with a toddler…ha.
Making pancakes on the weekend
Henry just wanted to eat the chocolate chips, clearly he’s my child 🙂
Good times at Oktoberfest!
Taking a little rock break on our afternoon walk
Henry loves to say “hike, hike!” and I’m so glad he seems to love being outdoors as much as his parents do!
Spending a rainy morning at Powell’s Books in downtown Portland – their kids’ section is amazing!
Love seeing the two of them together like this 🙂
We went apple picking at an orchard out near Hood River last month and it was SO gorgeous!
I just can’t handle his cuteness 🙂
Family selfie fail…ha.
After the apple orchard, we headed out to Lost Lake and it was gorgeous!
Henry’s reaction to seeing the water 🙂
This kid loves to climb!
We also visited the Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland for the first time last month! It’s gorgeous and so peaceful!
Smoothie/science museum date with some of Henry’s sweet friends and their moms 🙂
He’s super into Legos and his letters so the set up on this light table was perfect!
Last week, some of my lovely mama friends here in Portland got together to celebrate baby boy with me and it was such a lovely evening! We went out for dessert and it was so great to have a fun night out with friends before he comes!
And yes, I had to get a photo of each side of the bump. Ha.
Group photo was a little blurry, but oh well 🙂
September was a really great start to the fall and I just love this time of year so much! (I know everyone says that but how can you not? Fall really is the best!) We have some fun things on the calendar for the two weeks, just trying to keep busy until baby boy decides to make his debut!