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Happy Thanksgiving Week everyone!
As you might expect, I’ve taken a little bit of a break from the blog the past few weeks, beyond sharing Charlie’s birth story. November kind of flew by, but now the holidays are upon us and I’m feeling inspired to blog once again. I’ll be sharing a little bit more of an in-depth update soon on how the transition from one to two kiddos has been going, but for now I just wanted pop in and share a “Currently” post for this month since I’ve been pretty consistent about doing those every other month so far this year 🙂 (I also shared an ‘October in Review‘ post last night which is basically a photo dump from my phone of pictures of Henry before Charlie was born in case you missed that!)

Feeling: Happy and much better than I thought I would at three
weeks postpartum 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, I am definitely tired. But when I was
pregnant and chasing around a toddler, being tired was sort of my
baseline before Charlie was born anyway, so getting up in the night with
a newborn isn’t as much as a shock to my system as it was the first
time around. Like I said, I am planning on writing a more in-depth post
about how things are going day to day around here, but overall, I’m
feeling good!

Wearing: All of the leggings! Thank goodness leggings are still in style
because it makes this postpartum period much easier. I’m always on the
hunt for the best pair and I’m tempted to try out the Blanqi high
waisted ones since they’re having a big Black Friday sale – has anyone
tried them? Also, I recently tried on the new Zella high waisted
leggings and sadly was not a fan. (I didn’t like the way the seams hit
on my legs) However, I recently picked these Spanx leggings up at Target and really really like them so far! Also, I have some new items in my closet that I’ve really been
loving since Charlie’s arrival, but I’m hoping to share those in another
post soon!

Watching: Westworld, which is a little crazy but we’re enjoying
it. We’ve also been watching The Crown, and at first it was a little
slow for me, but I’ve really been enjoying the the episodes as we get
further in. I think it’s very well cast (particularly the Queen) and I
really enjoy seeing the family dynamics play out. We’re also loving This
is Us! Cam was very skeptical at first and didn’t think he would get
into it, but he totally has…ha. We’re also still watching The Mindy
Project, Blackish, and Shark Tank but always looking for new shows to
check out – I’ve heard good things about Divorce, so we might check that
out next. And then yay for Gilmore Girls coming out this week, I can’t

Cooking: Last week, I made a batch of these pumpkin brown butter oatmeal scotchies with Henry and we loved them so much that I decided to make another batch for the Friendsgiving dinner we went to this weekend. Definitely a perfect recipe if you’re looking for a cookie to make for Thursday! For Friendsgiving, I also ended up making cornbread stuffing, but I did it in the crockpot; I used this recipe and it came out great! Doing stuffing is such a great way to save space in the oven on Thanksgiving, and it’s also perfect if you have to transport it somewhere like I did this weekend! Finally, I ended up making this dip on a whim for Friendsgiving and it was surprisingly good! I put the fresh cranberries in the food processor and just pulsed it a few times to chop them up and the rest of the dip came together really quickly. Cranberries, jalapenos, and cream cheese sounds like a super weird combo but everyone loved it!

Making: Plans for Henry’s second birthday party! Honestly, I wasn’t planning on doing a party for his birthday this year and we were just going to do a more low-key celebration since I wasn’t sure how I’d be feeling so soon after giving birth. But since I’m feeling much better than I expected, I recently decided that I do want to do a party after all 🙂 After deliberating between multiple themes, we decided on Elmo/Sesame Street since Henry loves Elmo, plus he’s super into letters/numbers right now, so I feel like it should be pretty easy to put together. (I say that as I scroll through the 30,000 Sesame Street birthday party ideas on Pinterest…ha.)

Enjoying: Using Instagram Stories…ugh. I know, I know, I can’t even believe I’m saying it, but I do! I’ve always loved Instagram and was super resistant to using Snapchat because I thought the concept was really stupid. But I finally caved and downloaded it awhile ago so Henry could play with the filters…ha. And I’ll admit, Snapchat did grow on me after awhile, but what I never liked was how you can’t tag or search for people. When Instagram came out with their “Stories” I thought it seemed really silly and like they were just blatantly trying to copy Snapchat. However, recently when I’ve tried to use Snapchat it has as been making my phone die, even if I have like 50% battery. Super annoying. So for that reason, I started using Instagram Stories instead and I kind of hate to admit it, but it’s grown on me. I like how you can pull photos/videos from your camera roll (without having a border around it saying “From Camera Roll” like on Snapchat) and I love how they’ve recently let you start tagging people in your IG Story. I’m still not a fan of the fact that Instagram went away from a chronological feed, but I like that IG Stories allow me to share random things like I would on Snapchat without having to make people follow me on an entirely new platform and all of my content is in one place vs. using two separate apps. Is anyone else enjoying IG Stories or just me?

Eating: Lots of yummy dinners that friends have
brought over to us which have been so
helpful during this transition! You don’t realize how much you
appreciate someone bringing you a meal until you have a newborn! We’ve
also been getting quite a bit of
takeout as well, specifically pizza…not mad about it. (If you’re in SE
PDX I’d highly recommend Scottie’s
– it’s our new go-to place for ordering pizza!) And it’s nice that
there are so many more food delivery options in Portland now compared to
when Henry was born, plus there are multiple services to have groceries
delivered. If I never leave the house this winter, that’s why – ha!

Wanting: To get decorated for Christmas! I feel like so many people I follow on social media have had their trees up and their homes decorated for Christmas for weeks now, so I’m itching to get going! However, my husband falls into the camp of not wanting to decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving, which I get, although I understand why people decorate earlier too because it’s nice to be able to enjoy it for longer! Growing up in Michigan, we always had an artificial tree as did almost everyone we knew, so if was fine to put them up well in advance. But here in Oregon, it seems like almost everyone (including us) gets a real tree and the tree farms/lots don’t even open until the day after Thanksgiving. I’m so looking forward to going and cutting down a tree this year because I think Henry is going to be much more into this year. He has a this Daniel Tiger Christmas book he’s been reading, and he loves the page where the family is decorating their tree so I’m pretty excited to do that later this week 🙂

Wishing: That I had more time to blog because I feel like there is so much I want to share these days! I’ve got lots of holiday posts I’d love to put up, posts about life with two kids, and a bunch of other things I’d love to talk about. And although my time to blog is definitely more limited these days, I feel like it’s something that I don’t want to just give up so I’m trying to squeeze it in when I can! So if there is anything you’d like to see me post about, let me know!

Loving: Our Christmas card this year! It took me forever to decide because Minted has so many cute designs, but we finally got it ordered. Looking forward to sharing it here on the blog next month!

Needing: To stop going to Starbucks so much. It’s seriously a problem, and an expensive one at that…ha! I really don’t mean to go so much, but when it’s cold and rainy and I happen to pass a drive thru, it’s soooo hard to resist. Not to mention there is a Starbucks in the grocery store and Target, so it’s just hard to avoid. And yes, I’m a marketer’s dream and those silly red cups really do make me want to get Starbucks that much more! (Although, I’ve seriously gotten the cup with the deer on it almost every single time so far. It’s to the point where it’s a joke with Cam and I because if I get Starbucks it seems like I’m destined to get the deer cup…ha!) I’m always curious to know what people order at Starbucks because I like trying new drinks, so I thought I’d share what I usually get. My normal (aka non-holiday order) is a grande flat white (which is basically similar to a latte, but I like it better) but lately I’ve been getting it with an extra shot, because life with a newborn warrants the extra caffeine. If I want to order something more “fun” then I’ll get the holiday spice flat white (which I like because they use an actual spice vs. a syrup) or a peppermint mocha (except I only get 1 pump of peppermint and 2 pumps of mocha for a grande instead of the normal amount of syrup). Occasionally I’ll get a Chesnut Praline latte or a Caramel Brulee latte, but with half the normal pumps of syrup.

Hoping: That we’re able to stay well this holiday season. I get
so excited about this time of the year and have lots of fun things I’d
love to do with Henry, but it’s also the season where so many germs are
going around. Last year, Henry ended up getting Hand Foot and Mouth
disease and then Cam got it, so were pretty much home bound for a few
weeks in December. It seems like with a toddler that colds are pretty
unavoidable this time of year, but especially with a newborn in the
house, I’m really hoping that we can make it through the next few weeks
without anyone getting too under the weather!

Listening: To Christmas music! I’ve got multiple Pandora holiday stations that I alternate between and I love having it on when we’re hanging out around the house 🙂

Looking: Forward to Thanksgiving, I’ve got a lot to be thankful
for this year 🙂 I’m also looking forward to my birthday, which is a
week after Thanksgiving (I’m turning 30! Eeek!) and then Henry’s
birthday, which is a week after mine. Lots of fun things going on this
time of year!