February Confessions

Happy Friday everyone!
We made it through the first month of 2017 and here we are in February. In the beginning of a new year, I’m always so gung ho about getting organized and I have all these things I want to accomplish. (#newyearnewme, am I right? LOL.) And while I’m definitely not giving up on my goals, this is about the time of year where I realize that I definitely don’t have things all together yet either. Ha.
I’ve seen other bloggers doing these types of confession posts from time to time and thought it might be fun way to kick of February to share some of my own. Only a lot of times I’ll see other bloggers sharing things like “I confess…I really love this lip gloss!” Ummm…okay. That’s not the kind of thing I’m talking about. I’m talking about the stuff that is kind of embarrassing that doesn’t make it to Instagram but that I know (or at least I hope?) other people out there can probably relate to. Plus, I’m too tired from lack of sleep and too mentally worn out from trying to keep up with politics/current events to think of any other post ideas at the moment so this is what you’re getting today 🙂
This photo has nothing to do with this post, I just felt like I couldn’t have a post with no photos 🙂 I got these shoes recently (as a gift from my sister & brother in law!) and they are SO comfortable. Highly recommend!
-Yesterday, I posted on my IG stories about how well both Henry and Charlie slept the night before. You’d think by now I would learn not to put up any annoying “look at me, my kids are awesome sleepers!” posts because as soon as I do that, inevitably they will sleep horribly the following night. Let’s just say I got my payback for that last night and it was not fun. Unless you think hearing a toddler loudly proclaim over and over at 3am “it’s the middle of the night!” is fun. LOL.
-Cam and I are trying to get back to eating Paleo 90% of the time and he has been really committed, but I am seriously having a hard time staying motivated. I do cook healthy recipes at home, but when we go out of the house, I can always find some justification for indulging. Like when we went to the coast last weekend and he had an egg and veggie omlette and I had dungeness crab eggs benedict for breakfast two mornings in a row. LOL. Because in my mind I was like “we’re at the coast! when else am I going to have crab?” And you know what? I’m not even sorry because it was so so good both times. But seriously though, I need to get my act together and find some discipline ASAP. 
I realized as I was writing this that I did take a pic of my crab benedict (obviously) #noregrets #worthit
-I posted on Instagram the other day about how I still have our Christmas cards hanging up, but I failed to mention in that we also still have our Christmas wreath on our front door and we still have our Christmas doormat out too. Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away and I actually have a Valentine’s doormat but I just haven’t bothered to go get it and make the switch. And even worse than that, up until last week we still had a few pumpkins sitting on our front steps that have been there for months. Pretty sure our neighbors were silently judging us for that.
-Speaking of Christmas, I was really bad this year and did not send thank you notes. And I know to some people, that may not be a big deal, but it is to me. I was raised that you write a hand written thank you note for things, that’s just what you do. After Charlie was born, I had a list in my phone of people who had given us gifts/meals and was trying to send thank you notes, and I was doing pretty well initially, but ended up kind of losing track somewhere and getting behind and stopped getting out thank you notes. Then it was my birthday and then Henry’s birthday and then Christmas and now it’s February and now I’m feeling kind of bad about not being more on top of things! And there’s part of me that’s like well, better late than never and I could still send thank you notes? But since I have sent a few here and there and didn’t do a good job of keeping track of it, now I’m having a hard time remembering who I’ve already sent thank you notes to. And I don’t want to send someone a second thank you note in February if I’ve already sent them one? I realize this may make me sound super disorganized/totally nuts, but mom brain is seriously a very real thing. (And if you’re one of my friends or family reading this and you have given me a gift in the past few months and did not get a thank you note from me, know that even if I don’t have things together enough to send you a thank you note, it was greatly appreciated!)
-Henry got a play kitchen for Christmas, which he loves and I love it too, and I was all excited to get him some fake food so I ordered him this set. And now I seriously, seriously hate it. There are so many pieces and every single day, he dumps them all over the floor. The sound of 125 pieces of fake food hitting our hardwood floor literally makes me want to scream. And we’re trying to work on the concept of cleaning up our toys, but I’m constantly finding a fake chicken leg or some other piece of food all over the house. Earlier this week, I finally just packed half of it away to try and lessen the amount of food that can get thrown around, but yeah, it’s seriously the worst.
-I told myself after Christmas that I would cut way down on going to Starbucks. We’re (mostly) getting out of that super sleep deprived newborn phase so it’s harder to justify than when Charlie was first born, plus the Christmas drinks are gone, it’s such an expensive habit, and it’s just extra sugar/calories that I don’t need. But I got quite a few gift cards for Christmas and so when I pass a drive thru Starbucks, it’s seriously like a moth to a flame and my car just pulls in. Ha. And yes, I could hypothetically order black coffee, but I never do. (See above: trouble finding motivation to stick to Paleo) I just love lattes/dairy based drinks too much. (And I’m not an almond/coconut milk person) I’m kind of obsessed with that new Cascara latte they came out with – I don’t know what it tastes like, but it’s so good. Starbucks, I just can’t quit you.
-I consider myself a pretty diehard member of Bachelor nation, but I have to admit, I’m not watching this season. I’m just not a Nick fan and I don’t know, I’m just not into it this go round! I may try to watch the final few episodes/the finale, but I’m just not into it at the moment.
-My wedding ring is legit stuck on my finger and I can’t get it off. My hands kind of swelled up when I was pregnant with Charlie and so I wasn’t wearing it most of the time. But near the end of my pregnancy, I had some event that I really wanted to wear it to and so I shoved it on my finger and haven’t been able to get it off since. I should probably deal with it, but it’s not cutting off my circulation or anything so I’ve kind of been ignoring the fact that I literally cannot get it off. 
-I also don’t think I’ve painted my nails or had my nails done since before Charlie was born? I love having my nails painted, but I just haven’t made the time for it at all since he’s been born. But now that he’s over 3 months old, I want to make time for it because it makes me feel more pulled together.
-Speaking of Charlie, I have an update post (with monthly photos) for him sitting in my drafts, as well as a 2 year update post for Henry, but I just haven’t gotten around to posting them yet. Every night, it seems I either fall asleep on the couch or I just don’t feel like getting out my laptop, so I haven’t gotten around to it yet. But I do really want to share those posts before I turn around and they’re in elementary school, ha! So I’m going to try to put up both of those next week!!
Ok, I think that’s enough with confessions for today, but it’s kind of frightening just how easy it was to write this post. I’ll probably have to do another one of these soon 🙂